Hi there, I am Syakier.

I consider myself as a late teenager who is still looking for my bright future. I love to share funny moments and daily ranting. But you knows when the clock strike to 2AM nothing good happen, then there'll be I putting words into sentences of my troubled thoughts and wishful thinking. I let my soul free to express what it feels and cares for. This is my medium to talk within myself. In all reality, I believe that all we need in life is honesty and modesty.

More to describe me: stoic, silent, ordinary, anti-ableism, optimistic, perfectionist (p/s: this is only applicable on certain time),  well that's enough for you to know?

Thanks for dropping by and you can reach me anytime if you like for further contact me, do send me an email at hellosyakier@gmail.com

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."
- Mark Twain - 




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