Bloggers Don't Give Up Just Yet

Monday, January 13, 2020

Hi! It's been a long time since I make a new post on my blog. I can't barely remember how many years have passed since I bought this domain. Hopefully, this post will be another start for me to be an active member in this blogosphere world again.

So, my blog has been online for quite sometimes. It is all started with a free domain on blogger back then when I still in my foundation study. After years, I manage to upgrade my blog with paid domain and blog themes. It's been a long journey for me. Probably some of you might notice that there are fewer updates from me for these recent years. I bet I'm no good at juggling things at once studying and blogging. But I am all free now from studying. No more exam to be studied or dateline for assignment submission. 

And for my long disappearance, did I ever thought of quitting? Quit from blogging.

Yes, I did. I do feel like quitting, most of the time. But guess what I am still here!

You might want to know why I am feeling so? It because sometimes, I find that my enthusiasm for blogging is particularly fading. Everything on the blog used to excite me. Every trivial post that I create somehow gives me a satisfactory feeling when I hit the publish button. But why does the hobby that I used to be passionate about is growing dim?

Ultimately, this is happening to many bloggers on the blogosphere. Some will suddenly disappear until their blog can no longer be found on the web. Yet, a small number of them managed to get through this phase. For me, it's actually a waste since high chances their blog may already have some regular readers which longing for new articles.


Most bloggers quit well before they reach the point where they start meeting their expectation.

The main problem that bloggers are struggling with is content writing. They have to come up with new articles to make their blog reliable. Perhaps, blogging is not energy drained. But it is, since to blog is not only to write. There is a lot of things to do indirectly – brainstorming, editing, rewriting, and even doing research. Generating ideas is not as easy as you think unless you are a really gifted person. To produce quality articles is not an overnight work but it involves a lot of effort beforehand.

My least-liked parts are editing and rewriting. It's because these two parts are time-consuming. I don't like getting hooked on something that troublesome for me. But it is important to edit and rewrite your post before you publish. To make sure the final piece that you are showing to your reader is perfect or maybe almost.

Most bloggers just blog as a hobby – they still have their 9-5 job. They won't open their blogs after they went home and tired. Time management is always crucial to make our blog alive. Being away for sometimes will affect the motivation to blog. Little we realized that blogging or writing is a continuous effort. You have to spend at least an hour a day to write or else you will feel like you need to start over.

But it always happens to me. I hate to start over but I can't help myself from procrastinating and that's why I am in inactive mode before abandoning my blog. Perhaps I will start to spend some time every day to write new articles for my blog. Plus, I prefer to write on a paper instead of typing because it feels very unnatural and kind of limiting my creativity. I will surely write more on paper after this and who knows it could help me to establish this blog once again.  

Blogging is not a "rich scheme" like what most new bloggers think of. Especially for a new brand blog, from someone without an established audience, the first year is usually very little traffic. Nobody knows that your blog exists, therefore, they can't share content. And search engines might crawl the content, but they need to know that your blog is helpful and that it can be trusted. That takes time for your blog to grow and get noticed from readers. By constantly updates your blog and build a network with other bloggers will help your blog presence. You need years of work if you want your blog to be recognized and reach that very high levels of traffic.

Networking is what I didn't do in my years of blogging. That's why I have a very little circle of blogging friends that I always tuned to. But I believe it's never too late to start.

These are the common issue of why bloggers like me are giving up with their blog. But, don't give up just yet!


A blog should be something you nurture, coax, write to, with love and affection.
You need to know what is your purpose of writing a blog in the first place. If you started blogging just for the money, this will definitely haunt you. There will be days you feel like giving up when your blog no longer generates money and your traffic is frustrating you. Unlike if blogging is your passion. You will treat your blog as a daily fun and necessity that will make it easier for you to make your blog successful.

Knowing your goals in blogging is important. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve with your blog? How can you achieve it? You need a clear vision of what you are doing so that you will be more realistic and focus on achieving those goals of yours.

Choosing a niche is important for determining your blog direction. Because a wrong niche will make you stunted in creating new articles. You should write your blog in your most comfortable niche because it will bring you some kind of fulfillment feeling. It makes your ideas flowing without having to face writer's blocks. You can actually write something that you feel good about, that you have progressed with, or made a difference in some way for while being authentic.

Are there still people signing up for your blog's newsletter? If yes, do take it as positive feedback. Know that some people are still looking for your blog. Make it as a motivation for you to blog. Do appreciate and give back to them by stepping up your game in blogging. Spend more time to write better articles. Spend some money to upgrade your blog with beautiful and elegant blog themes. Do whatever it takes to make you feel like it does not worth it to give up and abandon your blog.

I know that we would like to succeed in everything that we do. But to achieve that level of success we need to always have faith in ourselves. The more you believe in yourself, the better you will be. The positivity that you set in your heart and mind will motivate you to reach your goals. To be honest, I am quite frustrated with what I have done with my blog. I have already wasted my recent years of blogging by abandoning this blog. 

Starting over is not easy. I think I have lost touch and creativity in writing. Thanks to those of bloggers that I have followed. By reading their posts in silence throughout these years inspired me to learn and be back again to blog.

Learn from other bloggers help you to blog better. Blogging is a never-ending journey. See how other bloggers grow their blog and develop their writing skills. You can follow and compare how they compose their posts and work on yours too. But don't copy and give your work more of your touch so that you can stay authentic. And perhaps, someday you will succeed too.

The last and most important thing is to keep blogging and do not give up!

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  1. I needed these advice because I've been rather slow in my blogging game. Hopefully, I can start fresh in 2020! Good luck to you too!




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