Adjusting Life Outside The University Bubble

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Adjusting life outside the university bubble.

After four years of sweat and pain, I finally completed my Degree. Kudos to myself for struggling hard. To keep believing that there's no hurdle too high. There will be a no longer stressful week and cramping mind over assignments and projects. All those sleepless nights are finally ended. So, what's next?

Employment, for sure.

At last, I'm in the adulting phase. It may sound strange, but yes, it is what I am now  an adult. It's time to begin contemplating my future. I used to have a mind to further my study from Degree to Master  like some of my friends did. Reconsidering reality, education is not enough to secure you a job like professional working experience do. At the end of the day, everyone's journey is different. Some may be busy searching for vacancies, enroll for postgraduate even set up their own business. It all depends on your sustenance and path. Everyone has a choice of their own.

Updating My Resume

One of all the important step to land yourself a job is by keeping your resume up to date. Creating a resume is time-consuming and require attention to every detail. This to make sure that your resume is accurate and free from all error including grammatical errors. Some said that one typo is enough for your application to be rejected. So you have to be as critical as possible on creating your resume.

I don't really like being hooked up to my laptop (that's why this blog is rarely updated). So, to create a modern-looking resume instead of a dull kind of resume on Words, I prefer to use an application called Canva! It is a life saviour and helps me from cramping on editing my resume. You can simply drag here and there, insert your photo and there you go! As simple as that!

Signing Up LinkedIn

Next, I continue by signing up to LinkedIn. It is new for me to be in professional social media. It allows me to build a network among the recruiters and the professionals. LinkedIn is a platform for job-applicant and fulls with useful posting shared by the professionals from their daily job experiences. As someone that is starting to look for a job, I need to follow these recruiters. It helps me to acknowledge new vacancies posted or even tips shared by them. They greatly assist you and willing to take a look at your resume to share their thought for you to improve.

I attached my resume and complete my profile on LinkedIn. I connect to more than 25 people to make my profile an all-star account.

Start Applying for Jobs

I have several applications installed on my phone specifically for my job seeking. I prefer Jobstreet and Indeed. I use these two mobile applications for my career search. Through them, I could apply and set myself on alert whenever there is a job suitable for my background education. These applications are good in recommending new vacancy available based on your preference settings. 

They will also send you emails every day just to get you notified and remind you to apply for your dream job. I have applied for numerous vacancies and only called for an interview for a few vacancies. But it's better than nothing right?

Never lose hope and keep on applying, ok! This surely will get you a placement in any future job.

Attending Career Fairs

The career fair is a golden opportunity for every job seeker. Make your time to attend some of them as this will allow you to speak eye-to-eye with human resource staffs from various company. You could get good exposure and chances to submit your resume directly to the company.

Before attending a career fair, make sure that you have printed out copies of your resume so that on that day you could submit them to the HR. On the day of the event, do dress well since the first impression is important. If you're expecting for a walk-in interview then wear formal dress code and if not, the casual look is enough. Wear a shirt, not a T-shirt. Wear shoes or sneakers but not slippers.

The recent fair that I made to attend was Graduan Aspire Fair held in KLCC. I have applied to some companies. Out of all, so far, I have received feedback from Uniqlo HR on my application of their Uniqlo Manager Candidate program. There are six steps or stages altogether. Currently, I am in the 3rd step which is Company Information Session(CIS). Beforehand, I was tested to aptitude online test where the test questions are based on IQ and numerical knowledge. Each candidate that successfully pass the test will be called up for the CIS. 

Pray and Have Faith

Last but not least is to pray and have faith. I know how is it feels like when most of your friends are already employed but not even a single interview call knocking your mail. But believe me, soon or later there will be one for you. Never get frustrated and keep on applying for a job. While waiting for the right job, why not go and have yourself some part-time job. So you will have some pocket money to pay bills and buy new clothes and not depending solely on your parents.

Do not compare your path with others. We are walking down on our very own path. Keep on being supportive and positive to your friends. Never get jealous of them.

Hopefully, this post will be beneficial to some of you who have just completed your study and actively seeking a job. May good news will come to you soon. 

All the best and good luck!

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  1. useful tips! saya tinggal lagi 2 sem to complete my degree, takutnya nak melangkah alam pekerjaan.....
    all the best to you!

  2. Being an adult is a trap! Go back! Haha. Anyway congrats on finishing your studies and all the best for your future endeavors!

  3. True, different people walked different paths.
    And Canva does come in handy when you need it.

  4. comel blog.
    takut juga bila fikir apa akan berlaku lepas habis study nanti :)




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