My New Year Resolution

Thursday, May 16, 2019

**This post is written on the last 13th of January. I wrote it in my phone notes application and due to some reason, I forgot to update it on my blog. Well luckily we were just completed the first quarter of 2019, so I bet this post is still relevant. Enjoy!

my new year resolution

Hi everyone. As usual, it's been a while since the last time I updated my blog. I was so busy with my study and it made me forgot to update anything for you. So here it is - a post you (beloved reader)!

Currently, I am in my fourth year of Bachelor study. I just finished the 7th semester on the last 6th of January. I am so exhausted yet still excited since next semester will be my last semester before graduation. Hopefully, I could make it on time. Amin.

So to start 2019, I had some update on my blog template (as you can see now). A new template of course! However, this new template is not fully edited yet. There are some parts that still have errors here and there. But I think the error may not cause a lot of trouble for you guys to keep on reading my blog. The error is majorly on the mobile view. While for the web view, I am quite satisfied with it. But it's okay no need to worry, I'll work on it later.

It's a new year, so you need new resolutions.

What is your resolution this year?

*Feel free to attach me with your this year resolution post (on the comment section below!). I would love to read yours! 

As for me, there are a few resolutions that I wish to achieve this year. They are:

1. Get hired right after I finish my study

Usually, people would like to take a short break after they finish their study. They feel like to enjoy and celebrate their achievement to finally completed their study journey. But to think on the other side. I got enough and ample time to rest. 

I will probably look for a vacancy as soon as I finish my semester. It's better to not wait any longer to find a job because I need to fill my time and be more productive. I wish rezeki will be on my side to getting myself a job. I need to repay my parents and family for their endless support throughout my study.

2. To buy a car

Haha. This is what I have been waiting for. It would be a great satisfaction feeling to someone if they manage to buy something they really want.

I don't care what type of car as long as it can accommodate me to places I want to go. I'm expecting for one with affordable price and in good condition. And maybe soon I can use it to go for balik kampung since my parents are going to move into our kampung in Johor as my dad retired next year.

3. To read a minimum of 10 books

To be honest I have not read any book for such a long time. It may be a great start to read again this year. I miss the adventurous feeling while reading. The smell of vanillin on the book pages that I have been longing for. 

There are still untouched books on my bookshelf that I bought from the previous year Big Bad Wolf event. Hopefully, this year I would read them all.

4. To update my blog at least 3 posts per month

Each year, I will have the same resolution for my blog. To update and be active. But still, I did not make it for real. 

Yeah! It's probably because I have not put enough commitment on my blog and I need to start it now. You will know that you really need to keep blog growing when your domain host asks for your blog hosting annual fee. Hahaha.

So, I take this as a motivation for me to blog. Perhaps, blogging is still in my heart as it used to be my passion. But still, I do not want to pay for nothing. I will ensure that this year would be a great year for my blog. 

In shaa Allah.

5. To save up more money for traveling

When traveling is your hobby, then you need to know how to save up money!

I really need to start saving. And I promise to myself that this year I will not let myself hook on any flight promotion email. This is to make sure that there will be no money spent on flight tickets.

I guess that is all resolutions that I wish to achieve this year. For me, the least the better, so that you can focus on achieving them.

Hopefully, this year will bring more happiness and success to all my readers. 

Thank you for your time, see you on the next post ya!

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  1. saya pun dah masuk final year jugak, tinggal lagi satu sem pastu habis belajar. takut sangat nak masuk alam kerja TT

    all the best with your studies!

  2. All the best for your study. Semoga dipermudahkan dengan segala apa yg dihajati. ^^

  3. be more consistent about we wanna gonna do. all the best in future

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