My 2018 End of Year Recap

Thursday, January 17, 2019

It's a brand new day and a new year!

As usual, the first thing that comes up to my mind when a new year is coming is my age. We are growing older each year and does it make us wiser? It's somewhat for us to ponder. 

How much have you grown last year?

You know the answer.

Today (2019), it remarks me to be 22 years old and I'm not feeling young anymore. Is this meaning that I'm getting matured? Oh please, I don't want to live in commitments and let away my carefree life. I am sure that those who are in adults really want to buy a time machine if they could just to get back to when they were still a kid and all they know was playing. 

I know I am not alone. 

But it's okay, 2018 has ended and it's the right time for you to give a tap on your shoulder. Because you have survived. Kudos to ourselves for successfully went through a lot of ups and downs in the last year. No matter how good or bad your life in the previous year was please keep it locked away. Past is past. Your vision now is your current. Every mistake you have done is for you to learn and take as lessons.

To speak about 2018, I had some exploration in my media gallery to see through what I had done in the previous year. The photos that I will be showing below are arranged in an ordered timeline.
When we finally touch down to Kuala Lumpur
This photo shows everything that we feel at the moment. We were so excited and happy to finally g0t to see our family after being away to Surabaya, Indonesia for one semester mobility program in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). To be honest there were many difficulties I had faced throughout my stay in Surabaya. The problems were continued until the final day we were in Surabaya. AirAsia groundstaff did not allow us to check in our luggage as they said we exceed the limit even though we had bought baggage 70kg for each of us and that makes it a total of 350kg. However, they said we made a mistake while purchasing the baggage as we separately bought 50kg and 20kg and they only consider one purchasing for each passenger and it left us with 50kg baggage for a person. Can you imagine how big our luggages were after staying in Indonesia for 6 months and with all the souveniers we bought for our family and friends? We had to throw some stuff at the airport to lessen our luggage weight and what making me mad was the staff was slower like a sloth in the Zootopia movie despite knowing that we were late for our flight. We were the first one to check in and were the last one to settle. With a short time left we had to run from the baggage check-in all the way to our gate and luckily our flight was delayed. I just do not want to miss my flight. All I think was I just want to be home at that moment, I do not want to stay any longer.

Probably, I should have made some post to share what difficulties I had faced while being away in Indonesia. Hopefully, I will be so rajin to update about it soon.
Betrayors gathering
This is during my 6th semester where we had some gathering with the Betrayors (a group we create since our first year & most of us were the alumni of UiTM foundation studies). We had a tasty dinner that night and it was good to finally get to gather again once in a while. All of us currently in our last year and know what? We are going to leave UMP real soon as next semester will be our last semester. #RoadToGraduation
One with mom and dad

One with my younger sister
Last year Raya probably was the most senyap ever as all my sisters spent their first day of Eid with their family in law. So there were only me with my sister to celebrate our Eid with my parents. It's totally different because usually we would celebrate it with our six siblings and do rewang together the night before the Eid. It's okay perhaps this year we could celebrate Eid like we did in the past years. 
River cruise in Mekong river
Not to forget I went to Vietnam for the fourth time last year. It's nothing much to be expected. Everything was still the same, the number of motorists on road was countless and we had visited the same museums as I did in the past years. It was the first time for my two other friends being in Vietnam so I don't mind to join them visiting the museums that I used to visit. However, it's good to be back in Vietnam. And what I love the most is their Family Mart is much cheaper than the one in Malaysia and I did enjoy my view so much while sipping my frappe in the Starbucks in Vietnam that is strategically located in front of the big junction. This time around I also try Vietnam's-kind-of-Starbucks called Highlands Coffee. I ordered their Chocolate Freeze which costed me 49,000 VND and it tastes good. There was like a square jelly inside the freeze. It's cheaper (to compare to Starbucks) and satisfying.
Sunway Lagoon time with the Betrayors
While this time was the moment where each of us had completed our internship. We thought of spending time together and we chose to spend it at Sunway Lagoon. It was my first time going to Sunway Lagoon and sure it was an amazing experience to be there. Honestly, we were so regretful of wasting our time to be in the queue for flying fox that only lasted us with the joy of 10 seconds. We were in lines for 2 hours for that short amusement. However, it was a good time and was really fun!
Me and Masjid Kristal

This is a photo of me in front of Masjid Kristal in Terengganu. I'm happy for the good photo and yet still disappointed because the mosque is still in endless renovation. By the way, it was the first time for me to be in Terengganu. The sad thing is tak dapat merasa nasi dagang Kak Pah that was recommended by my Terengganu friend. I get stressed also with the traffic in Terengganu, jammed everywhere. And I still remember that time it was so hard to find a bakery. My friend was searching for a full cake to celebrate his mom birthday as we cannot have it from the only Secret Recipe available there. We finally found it at Giant in Kuala Terengganu.

I do think that shopping malls in KT should be improved drastically. It is so boring and dull, there's nothing interesting at the mall. The mall there was like Spectrum Shopping Mall or worse. However, keropok lekor is everywhere in Terengganu and I like them much & lagi sedap makan panas-panas.
My visit to Batu Caves
Last year also I went to Batu Caves for the first time ever! I have wondered for 21 years of my life what's on the top of Batu Caves. And last year I finally figured it out. It was a beautiful place and also one of the tourist attraction that everyone should pay a visit. There's also a cave in the middle of the thousands of stairs going up to the Batu Caves. But I just passed it, because the entrance fee is quite expensive and I never plan and expect that this thing to be explored in Batu Caves. Maybe next time? Who knows.

If you want to know more about my visit to Batu Caves you can read it here: 👉 Tarikan Baharu di Batu Caves, Gombak 👈

Balai Seni Lukis Negara
If you are wondering what's inside of the photo, let me tell you what it is really. It is an arca (arc/statue) of a mix frog and beef. They were hanging in the refrigerator, I see them so gross and if they were real, they probably stink. Just for you to know, I really like going to the museum. Every country I've visited, the museum is my go to places. Our Balai Seni Lukis Negara has a different kind of exhibition every month, so if you are nearby and thought of seeing art I would suggest you pay a visit here. The admission is FREE. Enjoy!
Somewhere in Perak
My cuti-cuti Malaysia last year was superb. I did travel to many new places. One of it is Perak. The first thing I did when I was in Perak is to try Mee Kari Mat Jasak. It was recommended all over the internet. And know what, it was really disappointing. Kuah mee kari tu ceroi and totally tak sedap dan tak umphh. 

So moved on from that, I later went to Kellie's Castle. A ghost place I would call with an amazing history. I would love to have that kind of castle that have many secret rooms and stairs. It was a nice view from the top of Kellie's Castle. But the only problem is Malaysia is too panas and please not to visit there with a black shirt like I did.
Kellie's Castle
This place also was used as the location to film Munafik 2. This is the place where Abuja tortured innocent people. How I wish I had lived in the past and able the see the original structure of the house and getting to know people that used to live inside there.
Penang Trip
From Perak, I then traveled to Penang. I stayed in the Paramount Hotel. I really love this hotel as it is like rumah agam. We booked a room there and the bilik is so huge. And the best thing is the hotel is nearby the pantai. From the living room, you can see the beach already and feel the sea breeze from the window. Penang is my favourite place after all. I really love the structure of the temples and building there. You cannot find it in any other state. And what's more is Penang is food heaven. I have tried much food there and quite satisfied with those foods. Penang is a place that I don't mind to go back to visit in the future. What I love more in Penang is Jeruk Madu Pak Ali. I had borong many pickles as souvenirs at the end of my stay.

Chemical Engineering Tennis Team for Sukan Faculty

On the fourth year, finally, I have made my first appearance ever to join the Sukan Faculty (SUKFAC) as representative to Chemical Engineering Faculty. It was so tiring and enjoyable. We had given our full commitments to practice day and night to give our very best to the competition. We are proud of ourselves. Tennis is a sport that I have always want to play and I did have the opportunity to play. Much thanks to the team for the chance! 
My team for Plant Design
As a chemical engineering student, we have tw0 different kind of final year projects. One is the common research project where we did it individually. Another one is Plant Design where we were teamed up to five people. In Plant Design, we need to plan our own chemical plant. Like my title, we chose to have Ethylene Carbonate plant and to design this plant all the knowledge that you have studied throughout your study is needed to be applied in the design. It is stressful sometimes but we have managed to overcome it and finished our Plant Design 1. Hopefully, we can be better for the next Plant Design 2. 

I have also finished my undergraduate research project as well. I am so relieved and grateful to finally finish with my research and tiring thesis writing that need me to correct it multiple time. And I think I had given my best for the final year project.

So this is how my year went for me. I am so happy with everything I have achieved and learned throughout the year. To have a chance to experience like what I did is what I have always looked forward to. 2018 is a year where I had given so much opportunity to get new knowledge, see new places and be friends with new people. It was an amazing journey for me and I am totally going to miss it. It was a year of exploration for me.

Hopefully, in 2019 there will be more joys await for me. I hope that 2019, I will be grant good health for me to further discover life and give back to my parents. So a new year is coming and you need to set up new goals. I already listed mine, how about you?

Tell me your hope for 2019? I would love to read them in my comment section below. 

Thank you for reading 💜

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