Adjusting Life Outside The University Bubble

Adjusting life outside the university bubble.

After four years of sweat and pain, I finally completed my Degree. Kudos to myself for struggling hard. To keep believing that there's no hurdle too high. There will be a no longer stressful week and cramping mind over assignments and projects. All those sleepless nights are finally ended. So, what's next?

Employment, for sure.

At last, I'm in the adulting phase. It may sound strange, but yes, it is what I am now  an adult. It's time to begin contemplating my future. I used to have a mind to further my study from Degree to Master  like some of my friends did. Reconsidering reality, education is not enough to secure you a job like professional working experience do. At the end of the day, everyone's journey is different. Some may be busy searching for vacancies, enroll for postgraduate even set up their own business. It all depends on your sustenance and path. Everyone has a choice of their own.

Updating My Resume

One of all the important step to land yourself a job is by keeping your resume up to date. Creating a resume is time-consuming and require attention to every detail. This to make sure that your resume is accurate and free from all error including grammatical errors. Some said that one typo is enough for your application to be rejected. So you have to be as critical as possible on creating your resume.

I don't really like being hooked up to my laptop (that's why this blog is rarely updated). So, to create a modern-looking resume instead of a dull kind of resume on Words, I prefer to use an application called Canva! It is a life saviour and helps me from cramping on editing my resume. You can simply drag here and there, insert your photo and there you go! As simple as that!

Signing Up LinkedIn

Next, I continue by signing up to LinkedIn. It is new for me to be in professional social media. It allows me to build a network among the recruiters and the professionals. LinkedIn is a platform for job-applicant and fulls with useful posting shared by the professionals from their daily job experiences. As someone that is starting to look for a job, I need to follow these recruiters. It helps me to acknowledge new vacancies posted or even tips shared by them. They greatly assist you and willing to take a look at your resume to share their thought for you to improve.

I attached my resume and complete my profile on LinkedIn. I connect to more than 25 people to make my profile an all-star account.

Start Applying for Jobs

I have several applications installed on my phone specifically for my job seeking. I prefer Jobstreet and Indeed. I use these two mobile applications for my career search. Through them, I could apply and set myself on alert whenever there is a job suitable for my background education. These applications are good in recommending new vacancy available based on your preference settings. 

They will also send you emails every day just to get you notified and remind you to apply for your dream job. I have applied for numerous vacancies and only called for an interview for a few vacancies. But it's better than nothing right?

Never lose hope and keep on applying, ok! This surely will get you a placement in any future job.

Attending Career Fairs

The career fair is a golden opportunity for every job seeker. Make your time to attend some of them as this will allow you to speak eye-to-eye with human resource staffs from various company. You could get good exposure and chances to submit your resume directly to the company.

Before attending a career fair, make sure that you have printed out copies of your resume so that on that day you could submit them to the HR. On the day of the event, do dress well since the first impression is important. If you're expecting for a walk-in interview then wear formal dress code and if not, the casual look is enough. Wear a shirt, not a T-shirt. Wear shoes or sneakers but not slippers.

The recent fair that I made to attend was Graduan Aspire Fair held in KLCC. I have applied to some companies. Out of all, so far, I have received feedback from Uniqlo HR on my application of their Uniqlo Manager Candidate program. There are six steps or stages altogether. Currently, I am in the 3rd step which is Company Information Session(CIS). Beforehand, I was tested to aptitude online test where the test questions are based on IQ and numerical knowledge. Each candidate that successfully pass the test will be called up for the CIS. 

Pray and Have Faith

Last but not least is to pray and have faith. I know how is it feels like when most of your friends are already employed but not even a single interview call knocking your mail. But believe me, soon or later there will be one for you. Never get frustrated and keep on applying for a job. While waiting for the right job, why not go and have yourself some part-time job. So you will have some pocket money to pay bills and buy new clothes and not depending solely on your parents.

Do not compare your path with others. We are walking down on our very own path. Keep on being supportive and positive to your friends. Never get jealous of them.

Hopefully, this post will be beneficial to some of you who have just completed your study and actively seeking a job. May good news will come to you soon. 

All the best and good luck!

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Beli Tiket Bas Ekspress Di Bus Online Ticket

Zaman sekarang kalau boleh semua benda kita nak mudah. Mujur teknologi sekarang yang ada ni serba canggih. Teringat masa dulu-dulu belajar di asrama dan bila nak balik raya, terpaksa beratur di kaunter terminal bas untuk beli tiket bas. Kalau nasib baik, dapatlah beli tiket. Tapi kalau tiket dah habis, sia-sialah datang ke terminal bas. Belum cerita lagi kes-kes ulat tiket yang menjadi-jadi semasa musim raya. 

BusOnlineTicket Beli Tiket Bas Harga Murah

Samalah masa belajar di Pahang dulu, setiap kali hujung minggu aku akan berulang-alik dari Kuala Lumpur ke Pahang. Sekarang ni dah tak payah nak pening-pening dan susah payah pergi kaunter tiket bas. Duduk dekat rumah pun dah boleh beli tiket bas. Satu laman online ticketing yang paling aku suka untuk buat pembelian tiket bas secara atas talian adalah BusOnlineTicket!

Banyak keistimewaan yang aku suka tentang BusOnlineTicket ni. Maklumlah aku ni boleh kata sebagai seorang pengguna bas ekspress tegar. Dah bermacam laman online ticketing bas yang aku guna dan macam-macam masalah yang aku pernah hadap dengan setiap laman web. Ada setengah laman tiket bas tu, selesai sahaja pembelian tiket dibuat sampai kesudah tak ada email e-tiket yang masuk. Sampai terpaksa aku hubungi support team diorang untuk trace balik pembelian aku dan dapatkan e-tiket aku. Memang melecehkan.

Pengalaman aku sepanjang dua tahun menggunakan laman BusOnlineTicket ni memang tak pernah mengecewakan. Berikut merupakan 5 sebab BusOnlineTicket menjadi pilihan aku setiap kali buat pembelian tiket bas secara atas talian.


Mudah dan senang itu merupakan perkara yang paling aku utamakan dalam pembelian tiket bas. Mujur ada BusOnlineTicket yang sentiasa ada untuk aku beli tiket bas tak mengira waktu. Pukul 1 atau 3 pagi sekalipun pembelian tiket boleh dibuat.

24 jam tanpa batasan.

Servis yang ditawarkan

Di BusOnlineTicket bukan tiket bas sahaja yang dijual. Tempahan hotel, tiket train, tiket feri, servis airport transfer pun ada. Yang paling menarik di BusOnlineTicket adalah servis sewa bas (Charter Bus) juga disediakan. Misal kata, kalau nak berkumpul untuk hari keluarga dengan adik-abang dan sanak-saudara pun boleh dan tak jadi masalah dengan sewa bas melalui BusOnlineTicket ni. Sememangnya satu laman online ticketing yang menawarkan servis yang lengkap!

Sistem loyalty point

Ini adalah sebab utama yang paling aku gemarkan menggunakan BusOnlineTicket. Sistem loyalty point laman mereka menawarkan BOT Miles yang boleh ditukarkan kepada diskaun untuk pembelian seterusnya.
Setiap pembelian RM1.00 = 1 BOT Miles
Contohnya, pembelian tiket bas berharga RM24.00 akan memberikan 24 BOT Miles point ke dalam akaun kita. Bukan setakat dengan pembelian sahaja yang kita boleh dapatkan BOT Miles ni. Setiap selesai perjalanan, akan ada emel yang dihantar oleh BusOnlineTicket untuk kita rate perjalanan kita. Setiap rating yang kita beri akan memberikan kita sebanyak 30 BOT Miles. Memang berbaloi, setiap perjalanan yang kita beli melalui BusOnlineTicket membolehkan kita untuk mengumpul sehingga 70 BOT Miles sekaligus.

BOT Miles Point BusOnlineTicket dapatkan diskaun harga

Setakat sekarang, aku dah berjaya kumpulkan sebanyak 446 BOT Miles point di BusOnlineTicket. Untuk kadar pertukaran BOT Miles point kepada harga diskaun dalam pembelian tiket bas kita yang seterusnya adalah seperti berikut.
Kadar tebusan BOT Miles point BusOnlineTicket
Berdasarkan struktur tebusan dalam infografik di atas menunjukkan aku layak untuk tebus 300 BOT Miles point dalam pembelian seterusnya. Bayangkan kalau tiket aku ke Kuantan, Pahang yang berharga RM24.00 tolak dengan 300 BOT Miles = RM6.00, aku cuma perlu bayar sebanyak RM18.00 sahaja. Jimat dan berbaloi!
Harga Tiket = RM24.00
BOT Miles Point Redeem = -RM6.00
Harga Akhir Tiket = RM18.00

Banyak promosi

BusOnlineTicket memang tak pernah kedekut dengan promosi. Setiap bulan akan ada banyak promosi baru yang diberikan. Untuk setiap promosi yang ditawarkan boleh langsung disemak di Promosi BusOnline Ticket. Banyak promosi yang ditawarkan untuk pelbagai destinasi. Rajin-rajinlah semak ya!

Operator bas dipercayai

Perkara penting seterusnya untuk aku dalam buat pembelian tiket bas adalah operator bas yang dipercayai. Dah bermacam operator bas yang aku cuba dan cuma ada satu yang paling aku suka dan selalu pilih untuk perjalanan aku. LA Holidays ada bas yang paling aku suka. Setiap bas yang digunakan oleh syarikat LA Holidays adalah bas kategori eksekutif yang mempunyai dua barisan tempat duduk yang besar dan selesa. Tempat duduk bas LA Holidays terdiri daripada single seat dan couple seats. 


Sekiranya korang buat perjalanan solo dan kebetulan semua single seat sudah ditempah jangan risau untuk tempah couple seat. Setiap couple seats mempunyai bahagian tengah yang menjadi pembahagi antara kedua tempat duduk. Jadi tak ada masalahlah terutama untuk penumpang perempuan. Sememangnya selesa!

LA Holidays juga merupakan antara salah satu operator bas yang menyediakan soket USB di tempat duduk bas. Jadinya sepanjang dalam bas tak perlu risau kehabisan bateri telefon bimbit. Cuma sediakan kabel USB sahaja dan kemudian korang boleh cas telefon bimbit korang. Nak cas powerbank pun boleh!

Bas LA Holidays juga menyediakan perkhidmatan wifi di dalam bas. Jadi bolehlah guna wifi di sepanjang perjalanan korang. Jimat data internet berbayar!

Kesimpulannya, BusOnlineTicket merupakan laman web serba lengkap yang menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan dan promosi yang memuaskan. Apa pun, terpulanglah kepada korang sama ada untuk menjadi pengguna yang bijak dan berhemah!

**Untuk ke laman web BusOnlineTicket dan membuat pembelian, klik pada mana-mana link BusOnlineTicket di atas.
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My New Year Resolution

**This post is written on the last 13th of January. I wrote it in my phone notes application and due to some reason, I forgot to update it on my blog. Well luckily we were just completed the first quarter of 2019, so I bet this post is still relevant. Enjoy!

my new year resolution

Hi everyone. As usual, it's been a while since the last time I updated my blog. I was so busy with my study and it made me forgot to update anything for you. So here it is - a post you (beloved reader)!

Currently, I am in my fourth year of Bachelor study. I just finished the 7th semester on the last 6th of January. I am so exhausted yet still excited since next semester will be my last semester before graduation. Hopefully, I could make it on time. Amin.

So to start 2019, I had some update on my blog template (as you can see now). A new template of course! However, this new template is not fully edited yet. There are some parts that still have errors here and there. But I think the error may not cause a lot of trouble for you guys to keep on reading my blog. The error is majorly on the mobile view. While for the web view, I am quite satisfied with it. But it's okay no need to worry, I'll work on it later.

It's a new year, so you need new resolutions.

What is your resolution this year?

*Feel free to attach me with your this year resolution post (on the comment section below!). I would love to read yours! 

As for me, there are a few resolutions that I wish to achieve this year. They are:

1. Get hired right after I finish my study

Usually, people would like to take a short break after they finish their study. They feel like to enjoy and celebrate their achievement to finally completed their study journey. But to think on the other side. I got enough and ample time to rest. 

I will probably look for a vacancy as soon as I finish my semester. It's better to not wait any longer to find a job because I need to fill my time and be more productive. I wish rezeki will be on my side to getting myself a job. I need to repay my parents and family for their endless support throughout my study.

2. To buy a car

Haha. This is what I have been waiting for. It would be a great satisfaction feeling to someone if they manage to buy something they really want.

I don't care what type of car as long as it can accommodate me to places I want to go. I'm expecting for one with affordable price and in good condition. And maybe soon I can use it to go for balik kampung since my parents are going to move into our kampung in Johor as my dad retired next year.

3. To read a minimum of 10 books

To be honest I have not read any book for such a long time. It may be a great start to read again this year. I miss the adventurous feeling while reading. The smell of vanillin on the book pages that I have been longing for. 

There are still untouched books on my bookshelf that I bought from the previous year Big Bad Wolf event. Hopefully, this year I would read them all.

4. To update my blog at least 3 posts per month

Each year, I will have the same resolution for my blog. To update and be active. But still, I did not make it for real. 

Yeah! It's probably because I have not put enough commitment on my blog and I need to start it now. You will know that you really need to keep blog growing when your domain host asks for your blog hosting annual fee. Hahaha.

So, I take this as a motivation for me to blog. Perhaps, blogging is still in my heart as it used to be my passion. But still, I do not want to pay for nothing. I will ensure that this year would be a great year for my blog. 

In shaa Allah.

5. To save up more money for traveling

When traveling is your hobby, then you need to know how to save up money!

I really need to start saving. And I promise to myself that this year I will not let myself hook on any flight promotion email. This is to make sure that there will be no money spent on flight tickets.

I guess that is all resolutions that I wish to achieve this year. For me, the least the better, so that you can focus on achieving them.

Hopefully, this year will bring more happiness and success to all my readers. 

Thank you for your time, see you on the next post ya!

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5 Sumber Idea Menulis Blog

Kekeringan idea merupakan masalah biasa kepada blogger. Terutamanya kepada blogger baharu. Oleh itu, pemilihan niche blog sangat penting bagi memastikan kelangsungan idea menulis di blog.

Dengan menetapkan niche blog dapat membantu kita untuk menulis tentang apa yang kita minati.

Kalau minat melancong dan selalu melancong ke luar dan dalam negara, jadikanlah travel sebagai niche blog. Ceritakan pengalaman dan perasaan ketika bercuti di dalam penulisan blog.

Seperti saya sendiri, saya memilih gaya hidup atau lifestyle sebagai niche blog. Ini membuatkan saya bebas menulis pelbagai topik yang saya minati di dalam setiap postingan blog.

Namun, saya juga selalu kekeringan idea dan kadang-kadang tak tahu untuk tulis apa di blog.

Bagaimana saya atasi masalah ini?

dapatkan idea untuk tulis blog

Di sini saya sertakan 5 sumber idea yang saya sendiri praktikan bagi mendapatkan idea menulis blog.

1) Blogwalking / Melawat Blog Blogger Lain

Blogwalking merupakan satu sumber idea yang baik. Menerusinya, kita dapat melihat contoh postingan daripada rakan blogger yang lain. Dengan membaca postingan mereka pasti dapat memberikan kita idea baru untuk menulis.

Sementara itu, kita juga dapat menambah kenalan blogger dan berbalas komen di post masing-masing. Follow dan subscribe blog-blog yang dilawati.

2) Media Sosial (Twitter / Facebook)

Kita selalu menghabiskan banyak masa di laman sosial setiap hari. Dan biasanya di platform media sosial ini banyak isu yang dibincangkan oleh netizen. Baik dari isu kesihatan mahupun tentang isu semasa.

Isu-isu ini bolehlah kita gunakan untuk membuat postingan baru di blog. Kupas isu itu menurut sudut pandangan atau perspektif kita sendiri. Misalnya kita setuju dengan sesuatu isu itu, terangkan sebabnya di dalam penulisan blog dan begitulah juga sebaliknya.

Berikan pendirian kita tentang suatu perkara secara menyeluruh. Boleh tambah baik penulisan dengan sertakan sekali kenyataan daripada sumber-sumber yang boleh dipercayai.

3) Pinterest

Saya sangat sukakan Pinterest kerana menerusi laman ini saya dapat mencari artikel yang berkaitan dengan topik yang saya inginkan. Boleh kata, Pinterest adalah platform yang penting kepada blogger bagi menjana idea.

Sekiranya anda ingin mencari tentang sesuatu topik seperti "blogging ideas" ataupun "blogging tips" anda cuma perlu untuk masukkan dalam ruang carian di Pinterest. Kemudian Pinterest akan menyenaraikan sejumlah artikel berkaitan dengan topik yang anda cari. 

Anda boleh baca tajuk artikel daripada thumbnail bagi setiap artikel yang disenaraikan. Lihat dan pilih artikel yang relevan untuk di baca.

4) Keywords Tool

Keyword tool sepatutnya jadi teman baik kepada setiap blogger. Sebab melalui keyword tool akan meningkatkan lagi SEO blog kita. Ada tiga kepentingan SEO kepada blog melalui pencarian keyword yang tepat:

* Menjadikan post kita di antara hasil carian teratas

Setiap kali artikel kita disiarkan, enjin carian seperti Google akan membahagikan artikel kita mengikut frasa dan perkataan. Pengguna internet kebiasaannya akan menggunakan Google dengan menaip frasa dan ayat mudah ketika ingin mendapatkan sesuatu maklumat. Dengan kata mudah, lebih spesifik keyword yang kita gunakan, lebih mudah untuk enjin carian padankan dengan apa yang kita tulis dan apa yang dicari oleh pengguna internet.

* Menentukan revenue (Google Adsense)

Bagi setiap iklan yang dipamerkan di blog oleh Google Adsense adalah berdasarkan keyword yang diguna pakai dalam penulisan artikel di blog. Oleh itu, dengan penggunaan yang keyword yang tepat dapat membantu Google Adsense menyiarkan iklan yang releven kepada pembaca artikel kita. Ini akan meningkatkan peluang pembaca untuk klik pada iklan tersebut dan membantu kita menjana duit menerusi pengiklanan di blog.

* Meningkatkan traffic blog

Semakin mudah enjin carian menyenaraikan artikel di blog kita di dalam hasil carian maka makin mudahlah pembaca mencari blog kita. Akan lebih banyak trafik yang akan masuk ke dalam blog menerusi pemilihan keyword yang tepat.

Baca juga: Keyword Tool Percuma Untuk Blogger 

5) Pengalaman & Aktiviti Seharian

Untuk memudahkan kita dalam penulisan adalah lebih baik sekiranya kita mengunakan pengalaman sehari-hari kita. Penulisan akan jadi lebih baik dan mempunyai kualiti yang tinggi untuk dibaca.

Manakala bagi aktiviti seharian pula, terlalu banyak perkara yang boleh kita terjemahkan kepada idea penulisan di blog. Misalnya kita pergi menonton wayang cerita yang baharu ditayangkan, kita boleh tulis artikel review tentang filem tersebut. Begitu juga dengan pengalaman makan di restoran baru dan juga boleh tulis tentang buku dan novel yang baru kita baca. Penulisan menerusi aktiviti seharian begini selalunya akan mendapat lebih engagement daripada pembaca.

Inilah 5 perkara yang saya lakukan setiap kali kekeringan idea untuk tulis blog.  

Kalau dah tak ada idea untuk tulis apa-apa di blog, apa yang korang lakukan? 
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Sunscreen & Sunblock Apa Perbezaannya?

Sekarang ini ramai orang sudah sedar tentang kepentingan pemakaian sunscreen dan sunblock terhadap kesihatan kulit kita. Tetapi masih lagi ada sesetengah pengguna yang masih keliru apakah perbezaan dan kelebihan kedua-dua jenis produk perlindungan kulit dari sinaran matahari ini.


Pada packaging sunscreen dan sunblock kita biasa lihat perkatan SPF digunakan. SPF itu merujuk kepada Sun Protection Factor yang digunakan untuk menentukan jumlah radiasi UV daripada sinaran matahari yang boleh membuatkan kulit seseorang itu terbakar atau sunburn. Terma lain yang juga kita biasa lihat pada produk ini ialah perkataan UVA dan UVB. A daripada UVA bermaksud Aging. Manakala B daripada UVB bermaksud Burning.

Ada cara mudah untuk menentukan SPF yang sesuai mengikut kulit kita sebelum membeli produk sunscreen atau sunblock iaitu dengan menggunakan formula ini:
SPF number × time to burn without protection = time to burn with protection

SPF 15, masa terdedah kepada matahari 30 minit.
15 × 30 minit = 450 minit perlindungan (7 jam 30 minit)

Perbezaan Sunblock & Sunscreen

Secara amnya terdapat dua jenis losyen perlindungan matahari iaitu chemical dan physical.


Sunblock merupakan losyen perlindungan matahari jenis physical yang mempunyai kandungan organik dan bukan organik. Sunblock akan membentuk satu lapisan pada kulit untuk menghalang sinaran UV daripada merosakan kulit dengan memantulkan semula sinaran UVB tersebut. Produk sunblock kebiasaannya mengandungi bahan seperti octyl methoxycinnamate, octyl salicylate dan juga octocrylene.


Sunscreen merupakan losyen perlindungan matahari jenis chemical. Ia akan menyerap ke dalam kulit dan akan memantulkan sinaran UVA sebelum ia sempat untuk mencecah dan merosakkan lapisan dermal pada permukaan kulit. Bahan aktif yang biasanya terkandung di dalam sunscreen adalah seperti zinc oxide dan titanium dioxide. Kedua bahan aktif ini berfungsi untuk memesongkan sinaran UV yang berbahaya daripada permukaan luar kulit.

Sunblock kebiasaannya diformulasikan untuk menghalang sinaran UVB dan manakala sunblock adalah untuk perlindungan daripada UVA. Untuk melindungi kulit kita sepenuhnya, sunscreen yang mempunyai formulasi perlindungan yang broad-spectrum yang akan melindungi kulit sepenuhnya daripada sinaran UVB dan juga UVA. Walaubagaimanapun, di pasaran sekarang sudah banyak produk yang mengandungi campuran kedua-dua sunblock dan sunscreen.

Berapa banyak nak guna?

Penggunaan losyen matahari yang dicadangkan adalah 1 ounce ataupon anggaran mudah dua jari. Kebiasaan orang cuma memakai sehingga 20% - 50% daripada jumlah sunscreen yang disarankan, yang secara tak langsung akan mengurangkan kualiti perlindungan yang diterima oleh kulit.

Secara idealnya, pakai sunscreen 30 minit lebih awal sebelum terdedah kepada matahari untuk penyerapan penuh.

Pemakaian semula atau tidak? 

Bergantung kepada keperluan dan jangka masa kita terdedah kepada sinaran matahari. Aktiviti harian kita juga mempengaruhi pemakaian losyen perlindungan matahari ini. Contohnya, kita akan berenang atau berpeluh dengan banyak, ini memerlukan pemakaian semula supaya kulit kita akan terlindung dari UVB dan UVA secara berterusan.

Untuk sesetengah kulit yang sensitif, kulit kita akan menjadi lebih baik kerana bahan seperti zinc oxide dan titanium dioxide adalah kurang merengsakan daripada bahan lain yang terkandung di dalam sunscreen.

Berikut adalah antara rekomendasi produk sunscreen dan sunblock yang boleh anda cuba. Klik pada butang "Buy" pada gambar untuk terus langsung ke pautan jualan.

sunscreen termurah di watsons

sunscreen termurah di watsonssunscreen termurah untuk kulit combination

sunscreen tak melekit tak ada white cast

sunscreen neutrogena bagus  
Semoga informasi yang dikongsi ini berguna untuk anda mula menjaga kesihatan kulit 😊

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My 2018 End of Year Recap

It's a brand new day and a new year!

As usual, the first thing that comes up to my mind when a new year is coming is my age. We are growing older each year and does it make us wiser? It's somewhat for us to ponder. 

How much have you grown last year?

You know the answer.

Today (2019), it remarks me to be 22 years old and I'm not feeling young anymore. Is this meaning that I'm getting matured? Oh please, I don't want to live in commitments and let away my carefree life. I am sure that those who are in adults really want to buy a time machine if they could just to get back to when they were still a kid and all they know was playing. 

I know I am not alone. 

But it's okay, 2018 has ended and it's the right time for you to give a tap on your shoulder. Because you have survived. Kudos to ourselves for successfully went through a lot of ups and downs in the last year. No matter how good or bad your life in the previous year was please keep it locked away. Past is past. Your vision now is your current. Every mistake you have done is for you to learn and take as lessons.

To speak about 2018, I had some exploration in my media gallery to see through what I had done in the previous year. The photos that I will be showing below are arranged in an ordered timeline.
When we finally touch down to Kuala Lumpur
This photo shows everything that we feel at the moment. We were so excited and happy to finally g0t to see our family after being away to Surabaya, Indonesia for one semester mobility program in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). To be honest there were many difficulties I had faced throughout my stay in Surabaya. The problems were continued until the final day we were in Surabaya. AirAsia groundstaff did not allow us to check in our luggage as they said we exceed the limit even though we had bought baggage 70kg for each of us and that makes it a total of 350kg. However, they said we made a mistake while purchasing the baggage as we separately bought 50kg and 20kg and they only consider one purchasing for each passenger and it left us with 50kg baggage for a person. Can you imagine how big our luggages were after staying in Indonesia for 6 months and with all the souveniers we bought for our family and friends? We had to throw some stuff at the airport to lessen our luggage weight and what making me mad was the staff was slower like a sloth in the Zootopia movie despite knowing that we were late for our flight. We were the first one to check in and were the last one to settle. With a short time left we had to run from the baggage check-in all the way to our gate and luckily our flight was delayed. I just do not want to miss my flight. All I think was I just want to be home at that moment, I do not want to stay any longer.

Probably, I should have made some post to share what difficulties I had faced while being away in Indonesia. Hopefully, I will be so rajin to update about it soon.
Betrayors gathering
This is during my 6th semester where we had some gathering with the Betrayors (a group we create since our first year & most of us were the alumni of UiTM foundation studies). We had a tasty dinner that night and it was good to finally get to gather again once in a while. All of us currently in our last year and know what? We are going to leave UMP real soon as next semester will be our last semester. #RoadToGraduation
One with mom and dad

One with my younger sister
Last year Raya probably was the most senyap ever as all my sisters spent their first day of Eid with their family in law. So there were only me with my sister to celebrate our Eid with my parents. It's totally different because usually we would celebrate it with our six siblings and do rewang together the night before the Eid. It's okay perhaps this year we could celebrate Eid like we did in the past years. 
River cruise in Mekong river
Not to forget I went to Vietnam for the fourth time last year. It's nothing much to be expected. Everything was still the same, the number of motorists on road was countless and we had visited the same museums as I did in the past years. It was the first time for my two other friends being in Vietnam so I don't mind to join them visiting the museums that I used to visit. However, it's good to be back in Vietnam. And what I love the most is their Family Mart is much cheaper than the one in Malaysia and I did enjoy my view so much while sipping my frappe in the Starbucks in Vietnam that is strategically located in front of the big junction. This time around I also try Vietnam's-kind-of-Starbucks called Highlands Coffee. I ordered their Chocolate Freeze which costed me 49,000 VND and it tastes good. There was like a square jelly inside the freeze. It's cheaper (to compare to Starbucks) and satisfying.
Sunway Lagoon time with the Betrayors
While this time was the moment where each of us had completed our internship. We thought of spending time together and we chose to spend it at Sunway Lagoon. It was my first time going to Sunway Lagoon and sure it was an amazing experience to be there. Honestly, we were so regretful of wasting our time to be in the queue for flying fox that only lasted us with the joy of 10 seconds. We were in lines for 2 hours for that short amusement. However, it was a good time and was really fun!
Me and Masjid Kristal

This is a photo of me in front of Masjid Kristal in Terengganu. I'm happy for the good photo and yet still disappointed because the mosque is still in endless renovation. By the way, it was the first time for me to be in Terengganu. The sad thing is tak dapat merasa nasi dagang Kak Pah that was recommended by my Terengganu friend. I get stressed also with the traffic in Terengganu, jammed everywhere. And I still remember that time it was so hard to find a bakery. My friend was searching for a full cake to celebrate his mom birthday as we cannot have it from the only Secret Recipe available there. We finally found it at Giant in Kuala Terengganu.

I do think that shopping malls in KT should be improved drastically. It is so boring and dull, there's nothing interesting at the mall. The mall there was like Spectrum Shopping Mall or worse. However, keropok lekor is everywhere in Terengganu and I like them much & lagi sedap makan panas-panas.
My visit to Batu Caves
Last year also I went to Batu Caves for the first time ever! I have wondered for 21 years of my life what's on the top of Batu Caves. And last year I finally figured it out. It was a beautiful place and also one of the tourist attraction that everyone should pay a visit. There's also a cave in the middle of the thousands of stairs going up to the Batu Caves. But I just passed it, because the entrance fee is quite expensive and I never plan and expect that this thing to be explored in Batu Caves. Maybe next time? Who knows.

If you want to know more about my visit to Batu Caves you can read it here: 👉 Tarikan Baharu di Batu Caves, Gombak 👈

Balai Seni Lukis Negara
If you are wondering what's inside of the photo, let me tell you what it is really. It is an arca (arc/statue) of a mix frog and beef. They were hanging in the refrigerator, I see them so gross and if they were real, they probably stink. Just for you to know, I really like going to the museum. Every country I've visited, the museum is my go to places. Our Balai Seni Lukis Negara has a different kind of exhibition every month, so if you are nearby and thought of seeing art I would suggest you pay a visit here. The admission is FREE. Enjoy!
Somewhere in Perak
My cuti-cuti Malaysia last year was superb. I did travel to many new places. One of it is Perak. The first thing I did when I was in Perak is to try Mee Kari Mat Jasak. It was recommended all over the internet. And know what, it was really disappointing. Kuah mee kari tu ceroi and totally tak sedap dan tak umphh. 

So moved on from that, I later went to Kellie's Castle. A ghost place I would call with an amazing history. I would love to have that kind of castle that have many secret rooms and stairs. It was a nice view from the top of Kellie's Castle. But the only problem is Malaysia is too panas and please not to visit there with a black shirt like I did.
Kellie's Castle
This place also was used as the location to film Munafik 2. This is the place where Abuja tortured innocent people. How I wish I had lived in the past and able the see the original structure of the house and getting to know people that used to live inside there.
Penang Trip
From Perak, I then traveled to Penang. I stayed in the Paramount Hotel. I really love this hotel as it is like rumah agam. We booked a room there and the bilik is so huge. And the best thing is the hotel is nearby the pantai. From the living room, you can see the beach already and feel the sea breeze from the window. Penang is my favourite place after all. I really love the structure of the temples and building there. You cannot find it in any other state. And what's more is Penang is food heaven. I have tried much food there and quite satisfied with those foods. Penang is a place that I don't mind to go back to visit in the future. What I love more in Penang is Jeruk Madu Pak Ali. I had borong many pickles as souvenirs at the end of my stay.

Chemical Engineering Tennis Team for Sukan Faculty

On the fourth year, finally, I have made my first appearance ever to join the Sukan Faculty (SUKFAC) as representative to Chemical Engineering Faculty. It was so tiring and enjoyable. We had given our full commitments to practice day and night to give our very best to the competition. We are proud of ourselves. Tennis is a sport that I have always want to play and I did have the opportunity to play. Much thanks to the team for the chance! 
My team for Plant Design
As a chemical engineering student, we have tw0 different kind of final year projects. One is the common research project where we did it individually. Another one is Plant Design where we were teamed up to five people. In Plant Design, we need to plan our own chemical plant. Like my title, we chose to have Ethylene Carbonate plant and to design this plant all the knowledge that you have studied throughout your study is needed to be applied in the design. It is stressful sometimes but we have managed to overcome it and finished our Plant Design 1. Hopefully, we can be better for the next Plant Design 2. 

I have also finished my undergraduate research project as well. I am so relieved and grateful to finally finish with my research and tiring thesis writing that need me to correct it multiple time. And I think I had given my best for the final year project.

So this is how my year went for me. I am so happy with everything I have achieved and learned throughout the year. To have a chance to experience like what I did is what I have always looked forward to. 2018 is a year where I had given so much opportunity to get new knowledge, see new places and be friends with new people. It was an amazing journey for me and I am totally going to miss it. It was a year of exploration for me.

Hopefully, in 2019 there will be more joys await for me. I hope that 2019, I will be grant good health for me to further discover life and give back to my parents. So a new year is coming and you need to set up new goals. I already listed mine, how about you?

Tell me your hope for 2019? I would love to read them in my comment section below. 

Thank you for reading 💜

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