How can we get rid of stress in our life?

Friday, October 19, 2018

How can you get rid of stress in your life?

Stress is sometimes needed, but too much of it will harm you; physically and mentally.

So how can you get rid of stress in your life?

It is a simple question yet it is hard to solve.

1) Don’t take it personally. We all know that in life there’s good and bad, it is a mixture of both. Let’s say if something bad happens to you either at present, in past or even in the future, do accept it as a part of your life.

Sometimes we would believe that when something bad happened to us was the result of malice that is directed to ourselves, and worst of all we would think that those things happened to us as a God’s punishment to our wrongdoings. Trust me, we learn more through bad things that happen throughout our life. Without hurdles, our lives would be boring. We will get trouble from time to time, and slowly but surely we will need to deal with them and we are going to learn from it.

2) Things are changing. Despite whatever happens in your life right now, everything will change. Sometimes there’s nothing much we can do about it, but still, we have to accept the changes. We are usually afraid of new things; changes, this anxiety kills us from responding sufficiently to what is happening around us.

3) Pay more attention to what your body tries to tell you. Our body is always in need of care and support. Sometimes with the hectic life, we are forgetting that our body is exhausted. You need to sleep and rest well. Without good sleep, quality food and some regular exercise, your body will fail to function accordingly. Taking care of your body is a must, it is not selfishness or a waste of time, but a vital necessity.

4) Practice laughing more. Laughter helps to recover faster, it allows you to cope better with life dramas and generally improves health. Laugh more often, there is no need to be too serious.

5) Sometimes most of us like to keep all of our feelings to ourselves. Trust me, it is not good to hold everything within yourself. Express your feelings and learn how to talk more about how you feel. Try to be honest with other people when it comes to your feelings despite it is a positive or negative emotion. If you feel annoyed, talk about it. If you feel happy – do not hide. Soon you will feel relieved at heart.

6) Know your own limits. Don’t push yourself above your limits. You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared that from time to time you may experience failure. Forgive yourself when things don’t work out. Laugh at yourself more often and stop making excuses.

7) The key of all is to treat yourself well. You need to be clever to take time for yourself from time to time. It is okay to reward yourself sometimes, you deserve it. Pamper yourself, you’ve earned it. Give yourself pleasure, you need it. Don’t wait for others to praise you, praise yourself. Don’t wait for others to love you, love yourself. Don't wait for others to take you somewhere fun, go and have fun yourself. Have more fun. The more relaxed you are, both mentally and physically, the better the company you become for others, the better you can cope with life and the more you can help others. The better you treat yourself, the more likely you are to want to treat others well. When you are relaxed and friendly, others will have more desire to be near you.

Don’t let those unnecessary things to control you and put you in a bad emotion. Let’s live a healthy life; physically and emotionally! 

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