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Monday, May 21, 2018

I still remember those days, where I feel like to customize my own t-shirt design at local printing company nearby my house. I already done with the design and showed them on how I want my t-shirt to be. Unfortunately, the final result turned out to be different from what I want as there’s nothing much they can do. Even they set a minimum amount of order which I don’t favour at all since that time I would like to have only one piece of my custom design t-shirt. But I just proceed, what a waste isn’t!

So recently while browsing the internet, I found out a very special website called Printcious that enables us to customize everything; t-shirt, mugs, puzzles, cushions, phone cases, mousepads, keychain and even ceramic tiles. That’s so amazing right?! This website is the heaven for whoever that want to create their own personalised gifts for any gift-giving occasions.

Printcious which is said to be the best t shirt design maker malaysia that offers t shirt printing online services triggers me to try their service. I would like to create my own custom t-shirt!

So basically after creating my account on Printcious (which is very easy; just input your name, email, password and you are done, that’s all it takes!) I am all ready to create my own personalized t-shirt.

There are only four simple steps that you will need to follow:

1)Firstly, you will need to choose your product, which is in my case I would like to create a graphic tee. So graphic tee would be my option.

2)Secondly, upload your photo and design. On the Printcious website they already provide you with a friendly tool for you to create your own design. I believe that you will absolutely master on using the tool as it is super easy to use!

This is the screenshot of the designing tools on Printcious. Like I said it easier to use you can directly upload your design and edit text. It is not complicated at all to use.

3) Next, you are free to edit your design by editing text or add a new one.

4) Finally, you are ready to go! Place your order and wait for them to process your new t-shirt.

Ohh by the way, if you are out of idea, there are also some of examples for you to refer as an inspiration in order for you to create your own custom t-shirt design. These are the examples provided on Printcious:

I am still thinking on editing my design for my custom t-shirt. Once I have finalized the design, I will place and submit my order on Printcious. I seriously can’t wait to see the final result of my custom t-shirt. 

I think that you all should try Printcious too! Customize your own gifts that will give you a memorable moment and mesmerize the memory. There are many products to choose and you are free to customize them to your desired preferences and designs.

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