5 Valuable Lessons I've Learned in 2017

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 was amazing year.

I had tested with a lot of things and I'm survived through all of it. It had taught so much lessons and turned me to someone stronger than ever.

To sum up this year was a roller coaster ride for me, it has a lot of ups and downs. But I'm really grateful that I was chosen to get through all these things. Sorry but I'm getting a bit of emotional while writing this, and I'm currently in my flight heading back to Kuala Lumpur from Surabaya.

There are 5 things or valuable lessons that I have learned throughout this incredible year.

1. Always stand for myself.

Tolerance is always the best solution to any kind of problem that involve two parties or more. But it sometimes make you feel bad about it, like why always you need to give up. And sometimes you would feel unfair. 

Know that you don't deserve to feel so and please have your right to stand for yourself, speak out for yourself and get what you deserved to get.

I know people might say you're just an egoist, but whose care, as long you don't do the wrong things that's great and they don't have a thing to question you. You're only asking for your right, is that wrong? No, it is not. And if they ask you to give up or tolerate, ask them back why don't they tolerate and give up instead.

2. Always love about yourself and your body.

As I turned 21 in the past days; 20th December 2017 and I will be 22 years old in 2018, I find that my health condition is not consistent especially for the last two years. 

My body is easy to be infected with diseases and of course I loss weight a lot, it makes me look like a walking skeleton, my skin body is full with herpes and it left me scars that lowering my self-esteem as everyday I'm looking my body in the mirror and I feel relieved it is now over and I'm working on to make the scars less visible. My hair loss uncontrollably and it makes me worry and keep me thinking, am I getting bald? Am just 21, please don't.

With all these things happening to me, it taught me to love myself more. To love mean to take care of my body and health more. Tell me whose in the world like to be sicked? I'm tired of being sicked and been asked by people to eat more and to gain weight. I eat a lot, but it don't help me to gain weight. 

I don't know why but it gets me stressed when people keep asking me about my weight. Don't they know am trying really hard to gain weight? Don't they know that they are talking about my biggest insecurity right into my face?

And I learned that people can say whatever they want. Perhaps they are just concern about my health. But still they don't know the struggle I'm facing. They are not in my shoes, they can say what's on their mind but it will never help or change me. I might get offended with their words sometimes, but I'm tired of feeling so. The next time when this thing happen I will just ignore them.

I know myself better and no one should ask me to do this and that.

 3. Struggle of being away from home.

I had spent my last 4 months alone in Surabaya, away from my family and home. The distance between us make me learn about loneliness. Of all the best thing I can do when I miss home is to video call them. 

When I'm feeling lonely I will just keep reminding myself that this is only temporary and soon am going back to them. I refresh my mind with the first intention of me being in Surabaya; which is to study and make my family proud of me.

It had taught me to be matured and handle myself physically and emotionally better. I learned to have a better control of myself and I realized that in order for you to achieve great things, you will need to sacrifice. These are the uncomfortable situation that shape you to be great and successful.

4. It's normal to feel lost.

I used to feel lost and it makes me think that I'm hopeless. Actually it is not and it's normal for everyone to feel lost at times. 

You would have to sit back, take a proper breathe and relax. Get all the negativity stuck inside your head out and you'll get to think properly. Always looks for His guidance and help in your prayers and hopefully you will be okay.

You should know that each person has it owns pace of life. It's okay for you to chase to become a better version of yourself. But you need to know that it takes time. You need to take your time to develop yourself.

I had so much difficulties back then when I'm feeling lost and having no one to talk to make it even more harder. But I put my faith in Him and asking for His guidance to show me the solution to my problem and I'm glad with my current condition now. 

You should always have someone that you can trust and you know that could be a good help when you are in such condition. Because you cannot trust yourself when you are feeling lost, all the things that came out in your mind are senseless. That's why you need a good listener and someone that could make you feel better.

Being lost is not always bad, as long you have a plan to get back on track. I just hope that everyone whom reading this and currently feeling lost will find their inner-peace and learn to practice self-love. You deserve it, we all do.

Great things take time.

5. Let go things and moving on.

Why would you hold something that want you to let them go? I know it's complicated to tell but you don't need someone that don't need you.

I learned to let go, I learned to love myself more and I don't follow what my heart to tell me to do. Because I know in the end it will break me even more. It might hurt me now but I know soon I will feel relieved and thanking my current decision. So, I let it go.

Don't hold something that hurts you, don't be with someone that makes you feel lonely. Things come and go. In order to achieve better things is to let go. Trust me!

I wouldn't feel happier that I am now if I don't let those things off my mind and moving on. You have more important thing to focus; yourself.

Go and make something beautiful of your life and I promise you, one day you'll forget all these hurting-feeling-things were ever there.

It's 2018 now, keen to tell me your top 3 resolutions for this new year? Comment down below your top 3 resolutions, so we will know if we're having the same goals this year!

Till then, 
Syakier Salleh.

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  1. Love to read all 5 lessons you have learned and somehow I can relate to most of them.

    1. Yepp, it is very nice to be good to others. For me personally, sometimes I forget to be good to my own self. Just like you said, we need to take care of our own right :) Agree with that and in most cases in 2017, I learned that I need to prioritize myself, my heart before others.

    2. Get well soon :) Perhaps you have rapid metabolism, that's why it is not easy for you to gain weight.

    3. 2017 is the year I concluded my study abroad :) Alhamdulillah. Being alone does not mean you are lonely. Please explore more stuffs to do while in Surabaya, other than studying. Maybe you will found another passion of yours, hidden. That's how I survived 6 years in Czech :)

    4. Agree, it is really great to have that trusted person to share our feeling.

    5. "Don't hold something that hurts you, don't be with someone that makes you feel lonely." EXACTLYYYY :D Thankssss!!

    I don't really do resolutions. But, somehow I feel that starting 2018, I will try to be more calm, healthy and knowledgable. Ameen!


    1. Thank you Hanis,

      Yeah I think so, it's probably that I have high metabolism rate and that's why it's hard for me to gain weight.

      I already finished my exchange program in Surabaya and I love your idea on exploring more stuff to find hidden passion. In shaa Allah I'll do that when I'm back in my campus later.

      Ameen, may all of us is showering with good health and unlimited knowledge.

  2. Truly can relate with all 5 points mentioned in your article. Someone who always travel will probably hold to all of em especially 2, 3 and 4.

    Anyway, happy new year Syakier. I wish you have a wonderful 2018 stay blessed with great health and rizq. Cheers!

    1. It's such an honor to have you comment on my blog!

      Thank you and happy new year as well Pojie! May you too have a blessed year with great health and rizq. :)

  3. Hi Shakier!

    Happy new year to you adik! Hereby is my resolutions :
    1) More wiser in managing my time. Sebab akak species yang suka jugak bertangguh buat keja.
    2) Try not too early judge the situation. Always think positive things first
    3) Nak solat on time, hafal surah Yassin. InshaALLAH.

    1. Hi Kak Nany!

      In shaa Allah, I pray that all your resolutions will be successfully achieved. Ameen. :)




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