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Sunday, May 7, 2017

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FaceApp, have you guys tried it? Well honestly, thanks to FaceApp that makes my skin looks glowing even though it's still can't reduce the weight of eyebags I have over there. And perhaps this photo could attract one or two more people to read this post of mine. *praying deeply*

So how's your weekend? It's been 3 consecutive weekends I have been here in KL. Thanks to all the public holidays and my no-class-Juma'h-day that make it worth for me to take a bus and going back home. And currently, I'm practicing something good at home which is to eat more and sleep better than I could at the hostel. It's like a heaven when I'm home like I don't have to decide what should I have for lunch and dinner and I'm able to eat as much as I want without thinking the price I should pay for. At home, I can eat countless time, that's for sure yummy!

It's week 12 of lecture weeks and I can no longer wait for this semester to come at the end (in another two hell~ weeks). It's been so stressing, all the project submission dates and tests that I have to get through in order to complete all the requirements for each subject but I'm sure I will make it!

This post is more like the post of my current life update to all my blogosphere friends and whoever know me on my social media as LakiTerok (syakiersalleh). It's been awhile that I have not update anything about myself and all I do is promo-post and nothing-related-post-about-me-as-the-author-of-this-blog. So this is the one!

These few weeks I have been working so hard on completing my application for the outbound mobility program or in other words it's also called as an exchange student program. It takes me numerous time to finally decide, I must go for it! There were a thousand *well less than 10 actually* reasons that take me some time to consider this chance. But here's me now, eager to go for the program.

So where am I going for exchange student program? Let it be a secret first cus' I don't want to promise you the moon and the sun. But I will be going there on my next semester which is probably on this September. I'll be there only for a semester. *luckily, or else I'll get homesick LOL*

In the meantime, I'm currently drafting my itinerary to 11 days trip to Japan for this summer; on July to be specific. Perhaps I'll be spending some time in 3 different cities of Japan; Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. And if you guys have been there in these 3 cities, I would like to seek for your help, to recommend anything to me; places to go, foods to try or maybe some tips on anything regard to Japan.

You got some?

Don't forget to drop them in the comment section below! I appreciate it so much xD

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  1. samalah saya pun dah sebulan cuti sem ni asyik tidur je keje lol
    sekarang tgh tunggu kerja panggil je

    tak sabar nak baca cerita jepun tu!

    1. Tulah pasal lagi dua bulan lagi. Tak sabar rasanya nak enjoy betul-betul dekat sana. Haha.

  2. Okay I'm totally shocked at first, seeing the photo and I'm like, aku salah blog ke macam mana but then when you declared it's the apps, I'm like okay that makes sense..hahaha... Well uni life can be tiring sometimes, kan but I'm looking forward about your japan trip..

    1. hahaha the FaceApp helps to make my skin looks super glowing. You should try it to for fun hehe. Yepp me also can't wait to go for the trip.




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