Shopback's Birthday & My Birthday Wishlist

Rabu, 15 Mac 2017


shopback cashback birthday celebration

It's such an honor to be with Shopback for almost two years. And FYI, the last 22nd February was Shopback Malaysia 2nd Birthday! It's young and yet very generous since it wants to make my wish come true!

Ohh BTW have you guys heard anything about Shopback before? If you did not you can read up to this whole post because I am going to tell you everything about Shopback and let you know how knowing it could benefit you!

And if you want to read about Shopback in Bahasa Melayu you can check out this link, I have written about Shopback in Malay earlier: Earn Money While Shop Online. 

While to those who did hear about what Shopback is, you can share this post to those friends whose still don't know! Don't you know that sharing is caring xD 
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Just before that, I want to share with you guys my amaaazingg wishlist that I really want to have! And through these 5 items, it can give you guys an idea of how Shopback works.

1) Canon Camera IXUS 125 HS

camera canon best quality cheaper

A camera is a blogger's best friend; it helps to produce good quality medias and implicitly boost up the attraction of the whole post to the readers. I've been eyeing this camera for a long time. And to me, it makes a good camera in total even though it is a compact handy camera; portable and lightweight. This camera is still possible to take good photos in low light and also the angle lens is about 21.5mm wide. And these two are the things that make a camera, a good camera!

So how you could benefit while buying this camera?


With Shopback it offers you a cashback for everything you buy at the merchant. And each merchant offers a different percent (%) of cashback for different categories of items. 

dapat duit shopping online
LAZADA's Cashback Tiers

camera canon murah online lazada

For example, this camera I've been eyeing is sold at the LAZADA merchant. Based on the LAZADA's Cashback tier earlier, it gives 3.5% of cashback for electronics item for a new customer. So what's next? Do the math!

3.5/100 x RM799 = RM27.965 

The new customer of LAZADA could save RM27.965 from the total price!

2. FOSSIL Grant Mechanical Blue Watch

jam fossil murah online kualiti bagus
I'm an avid collector of Fossil watches. I love its elegant design and durability. Currently, I have two Fossil watches and its easy-to-match-leather-color makes it preferable to wear along with any outfit; casual or formal. 

So how you could benefit while buying this watch?  

jam fossil murah online kualiti bagus

CASHBACK! That's correct.

This watch is sold also at the LAZADA merchant, and it is fall in the non-electronic categories which offers 8% cashback! So how much you could save?

8/100 x RM791.10 = RM63.288


To save more, shop at the highest cashback rate merchant such as LAZADA, ZALORA, and much more!

3. 2 x Trip To Langkawi 3D2N

You always need a meditation time after been through a lot in your daily life. And a trip to Langkawi would be perfect for me. Just need a few days as an escape to busy and chaotic life to enjoy some views and having a relaxation time. So that I'll be refresh and feel recharge!

And if you're looking for a great package of flight + hotel, AirAsiaGo is the place that you should go! Luckily it is one of the Shopback's merchants which mean you could save while going for a holiday! How?

trip ke langkawi air asia murah

Based on the cashback tier of AirAsiaGo (you can refer on Shopback's website), it offers 2.5% of cashback for packages; flights + hotel:

2.5/100 x RM696.58 = RM17.4145


There are many merchants for travel categories, you can search and compare the cashback percent and choose the highest one. The highest the cashback rate, the more you save!

4. New Balance 1260 Running Shoes

I always go to New Balance if I want to look for good quality sports shoes at reasonable price. And since nowadays, marathon and many more run have become a trend among Malaysians why not I go and get a pair of running shoes. So that I can use it if I happened to enter any running competition or marathon.

kasut sukan new balance murah online

Zalora offers this 1260 New Balance Running Shoes at RM542.42 and buying it through Shopback could save some money. Zalora gives 9% cashback for a new customer, so how much you could save?

9/100 x RM542.42 = RM48.8178


Fashions category items usually have the highest cashback rate among the other categories.

5. Kanken Classic Backpack

beg kuning kanken murah di lazada dan zalora

This bag is becoming a trend nowadays in Malaysia, it come with a lot of amazing colors and my favorite one is yellow. The design of the backpack is purposely to help with back problems of its user. And this backpack is originated from Sweden. It is already launched in Sweden since 1978!

Through Zalora's 9% of cashback, how much you could save?

9/100 x RM389 = RM35.01


Refer friends to get more bonus while earn together!

This is a video explained about Shopback and how it works for your reference:

To conclude, there are only 4 simple steps to start earn with Shopback:

cara dapat duit guna shopback

As a testimonial, this is a screenshot of my account in Shopback:

semak baki cashback cara

Up to this day, I have earned RM40.72 with Shopback and already cashout RM21.17 to my bank account. There is still some balance pending before it can be redeemable.

So wait no more! Sign up as Shopback member and earn while you shop online. You can click the photo below or any Shopback word in this post to get directed to Shopback website!

sign up shopback

Be a smart online shopper!

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  1. Congratulations! you are one of the lucky winner. Selamat menebus hadiah lah yer ..hehehe




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