Childhood Memories & Happiness

Friday, March 24, 2017

I was scrolling my phone gallery just before I came here and wrote you this. My real intention was to keep my phone storage free from all the unnecessary medias that loaded up space; from a dozen of group Whatsapp sharing photo of notes and assignments.

I bumped to some of my childhood photos. Which at that time all I know is playing with legos that I successfully persuaded my mom to buy it for me; through crying while stomping my tiny legs and only stop when she agreed to buy it for me. How guilty I'm feeling now because I made her bought me two set of legos (instead of one) and a few days later the legos were all over our house. 

I also never get bored of watching Toy Story and A Bug's Life all over again through our tape video player. I did have had the toys of each of these two animation's main character. It was an exciting feeling to reminisce the past; when I'm a kid and got no commitments on life, playing all the time. 

This photo was probably taken when I was just a few months (need to ask my mom how months old I was in this photo) got to see the world and had to taste what it felt like to breathe the air.

This is me when I was 4 years old (I think) and having a good time with my two buddies. I don't really named them, but I really love to play with them. It's not like I do not have friends or what, but they are the most I spent time with. The age gap between my brother and I (he's 4th and I'm 5th) is 6 years and he was busy with his school stuffs and friends. Made me to have these two buddies to company me and spending time together. 

Unbelievably, I still got them till today! We did some cleaning in our store room and I noticed that they have been there for ages. They're still in good condition and now they were passed to my niece and nephews. 

This is on my oldest sister graduation day, the most time I can't barely remembered and all I do is felt exhausted (when I got to wake up so early in the morning and spent a whole day at the convocation). In front of me in the picture is my youngest sister, she's fairer when she was a kid than now LOL. I was in standard 1/2 (I think) the moment this photo was taken.

No matter what happen in life, being a kid was an indelible experience for each of us. It makes what we are today; attitudes and personalities. We were in our unspoiled innocence and curiosity where we start to figure out almost everything. 

But why kids are always happy? Because kids tend to forget and move on, making their life stress-free. Kids are more open to express their feeling; crying and get angry, especially when their wants aren't met. They have limited wants and are easily satisfied and this is the crucial reason why they are almost always happy.

As we grow older we think that things are changing, we got so much to catch up with life. But I believe it depends on how we look our life is. We should always think and look on the positive side. Learn to look more on the bright colors instead of the dull ones.

We were once a kid and we've been through it all to be an adult we are today. We've grown up, but still missing and lack of happiness. We forgot how to be the happy kid we used to be. But life is an on going process that offer you to change for better whenever you want.

How to stay happy? Appreciating and enjoying what we have and lower down our expectations might be some of the ways. It is depends on how will make you happy. We know ourselves better. And honestly, kids can teach us a lot; especially happiness. 

And I want you to know that happiness is always come from the littlest things.

Stay happy and be happy, always!


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  1. oh wow, how big is the gap between you and your oldest sister? 10 years?

  2. rindunya zaman dulu! bahagia je masa semua adik beradik kecik2 lagi, sekarang ni semua dah besar. ada yg dah nak kawen, dah kerja, blaja, dah selalu tak duduk rumah T__T

  3. I also still have the pictures when I was a little girl. It feels weird and excited at the same time to see the old pictures. I mean to see how we grow up is fascinating. Hope the relationship that we have between our siblings will always be good and close as we grow older cause sometimes we could feel the distance.


  4. How to stay happy? Appreciating and enjoying what we have and lower down our expectations might be some of the ways.<---- Indeed bro! I have read a book entitled "Reclaim your heart" by Yasmin Mogahed. She told us about the same thing as what you have shared here. And yes! I also love being a kid. Stress-free and always move on.

  5. Belum lagi.. Syakir dapat dah hadiah dari ShopBack tuh?




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