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Friday, March 10, 2017

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Thank you, Hanis Amanina for tagging me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. It is such an honour to be tagged, yeahh you know that finally someone has realize my existance in the blogosphere. And if some of my posts benefit you, I'm glad to know.

For this post I don't think that I want to nominate other bloggers since my blogging circle is not that big and most of them have been tagged by other bloggers. So to be clear, I only want to respond to the questions that Hanis Amanina have set up for me to answer.

So there 11 questions in total and it was a big relieve for me when I first read the question on her post. There is no sketch-my-photo-kind-of-question! I'm so happy because I just don't know how to sketch well and I'm afraid that the sketch will end up turned to be something else LOL.

Here are the questions:

1. What is the first impression you always get? 

People always tell me that the first thing come up in their mind when they see me is arrogant and not a friendly-type-of-person.

2. Is it true? And do you like the impression?

Obviously it is not true. Like I maybe looks arrogant (it's my face that I can't change) but if you get to know me in person I bet your opinion about me will change to 180 degree. And who does go around being friendly and talk to strangers, maybe there are some people do but that's not me. I tend to not get over someone's else business but instead I'm focussing more on myself; I can say it is as self-centered in a positive way. And trust me there is no person in this world like to be assumed in negative way. So NO, I don't like the impression. I want people to look at me with more positive impression and to feel like I'm approachable, it maybe takes time for me to get along with new people but I will work it on. 

3. How do you react to someone who keeps on talking to you about topics you are not interested in?

People always want to do good things isn't? But sometimes you need a push button to let yourself out from a situation you don't like. For me, I always smile and just shake my head as a sign of agreeing with things they say to me. I never put in more comment to the topics because I know if I do, they will go on talking about that topics which I don't have interest in. But if you can't take it anymore remember to always be good, never reject them directly and tell honestly that you're not interested with the topic of your conversation with them.

4. Do you mind to buy albums (physically / digitally) of songs you love to listen or just download them online?

I do mind when it's about money hehehe. I'm using android which I don't need to buy songs on Itunes. And for physical album I think that it is not rational anymore in this modern life, who still does hear songs through CD anymore? Simplicity is the best, Spotify is my preference xD. I can browse to all my favourite songs for free.

5. What kind of items you don't mind buying the expensive one?

Everything. I don't mind to spend more on quality items, but have to admit that not all expensive stuff is good in quality.

6. Do you jot down notes during lectures / talks or simply listen and remember?

Everytime, because I always forget everything. By jotting down notes could help me to memorise and understand better. Plus, it helps my brain to keep active and avoid me from feeling sleepy.  

7. Mountains vs beaches? And why?

This is a hard question for me to answer. Because I love mountains as much as I love beaches. Hmmm let me think! If I have to choose between these two, I would go for mountains. But why? Because I do not know how to swim, but I still love beaches hmm.

8. Do you separate your trash into categories?

No, I just throw everything in a one place without hesitate to separate them into categories. And if I do separate them is when I have to litter in a recycle bin. So it is still a yes isn't? Seldomly.

9. Do you put your phone on flight mode when charging?

Charging phone is the least thing I want to do. Why don't the battery get full by itself without have to be charged? Haihh. And of course I don't put it on flight mode when charging because I have to get notified hundreds of text on Whatsapp sent by my fans heee~ (this one is a joke, I'm no one to have fans).

10. Would you mind to share the latest picture in your phone gallery (if appropriate)?

cerpen melayu cari cinta lelaki hebat hensem

This is the latest media in my phone storage. And the interesting thing about this photo will be posted on my next post! xD

11. Do you think time-travel is good (if it will be possible in the future)?

I believe time-travel have the pros and cons. And to talk about the good side of it, I would say yes and I would like to go to the past. Because my heart is still on the past where we don't have all the gadgets and technologies so that I could enjoy life a bit more longer.

Thank you for all the questions. 

Have a nice day everyone :D 

Whould you like to comment?

  1. lol maybe you should smile a lot ._. I used to be told that I have that arrogant looks too but things changed as I tend to smile a lot now (even to strangers - pahala free, why not) up until one time my friend said that I look friendly pulak hahahahaha nevertheless, do things that makes you happy :D

    1. that would be a good idea! I will smile more from now on. Hehehe xD

  2. pasal impression tu sama jugak. selalu orang ingat sombong. padahal dah muka macam nie. :D #11, yeah time travel nak pergi zaman silam :D

    1. Kann malas nak layan orang yang kata macam tuu sebab malas nak kena justifikasikan HAHA xD

  3. I realised that many people had been thought to be arrogant / fierce from other's first impression. Haha, kita kena lebih banyak senyum la lepas ni.

    Actually for mountains & beaches, I have problem to choose as well. I thought I love mountains more, as living in Czech I don't have the opportunity to go to the beach (it is a land-locked country). But, everytime I go home, I always try to put beaches as bucket list for the summer break. :)

    1. Iyer kena banyakkan senyuman dalam kehidupan sehari hari xD

      Just now I know that Czech got no beaches!
      HAHAHA nothing could stop us from doing what we love to do right!

  4. I can totally lived in past for that same reason and btw, "I tend to not get over someone's else business but instead I'm focussing more on myself" - finally, someone put it in words. Hanis questions are so technical but nonetheless interesting.

    // afifahaddnan




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