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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

OMG OMG OMG!!! Yesterday was a dream come true. I was immutable to ever imagine it. And it happened to me.

So today some of my blog readers (people who've been following my blog for such a long time) might know what this post will be about. And first of all, please pardon me for my 3 weeks absence from this blogosphere. I just finished with my final examination and currently having my semester break in my house in Kuala Lumpur. So for the next whole month will be a free and easy month for me, like no more stressful quiz and test I have to answer LOL.

Literally, I don't really want to brag about it, but I just have to. Because I know it rarely happens to me and it's something that I should be proud of. Who knows what I wrote in "I Need A Holidaylah! #MyTravelokaEscapade" worths me RM6000 + RM200. I would say it as a miracle I had in the early 2017 and I think it's a good start for me in the blogosphere. Like finally my words have been eyeing by people. Thank you Traveloka!

My used to be a dream holiday is now my next reality holiday!

It is a great feeling since I know there are lot competitive and experienced bloggers who had joined this contest as well. And I wasn't expecting at all to be the grand prize winner. It is amazing!

So as you guys know I have not written any other post since the last one I did about my mom's birthday and it was on 19th December 2016. I have promised myself to write more especially in this whole year, well actually I just want what I paid for the domain to be worth. You guys please pray for me that I don't procrastinate and have more brilliant ideas to write posts in the future.

And to talk about my resolutions for 2017, I want nothing but glory. I'm currently working on something (well actually I just had the idea) that I always hope to be able to do and of course benefits me well. Here I've list what I really want to do for my blog this year:

1) Update my new template blog - blerghh I know it was really annoying with the sudden pacing when you go through my blog. I've noticed it for quite some time and have tried to fix it but I'm failed. I have read that a lot of bloggers paid web designer on to set up new blog template for them. Well, maybe it's a good idea to have more professional blog template and implicitly give me more passion to blogging! (lemme check on the budget first haihhh xD)

2) 10 blog posts every month - this is a minimum goal I have set up to myself. I know it's hard since I am a student and only free during the semester break, But surely I will put some efforts to make it real. And it happened that I just started writing a journal, I think that it getting me more ideas on what I need to write on my next blog posts. So currently I have some post queue on my journal that waits for me to type them up on my blog.

3) Wider my network on the blogosphere - The only way to do this is by blog-walking and joins some contest held by other bloggers. I know I may not have quite free time but I think it will be possible if I want it to happen. So we'll see then.

4) Get into the details - so I am a type of pemalas nak mampus especially when it's about details. I don't like to spend time on things that make me stressed. But I think I need to change that attitude in order to maintain this lovely blog of mine! Cewahhh.

5) Be myself and spread out my thinking well - I know that I've been writing a lot of unimportant things back then. And not to say how I have been inspired by some bloggers and tried to imitate their flow of writing to my blog. This is the thing that I really need to improve! And about the spreading thing, I will make sure that I'll be better on writing my ideas on each of my blog posts.

That's a lot of things and needed many efforts isn't? HAHAHA let's see how I manage to do it or not.

So 2 weeks from now I'll leave for a holiday in Phuket, Thailand with a bunch of my friends. I can't wait for it!

And one more thing is I had a crazy idea when I see #vlogretis or #projekblogger2017 where some bloggers are doing vlog for a contest held by blogger, BroFrameStone. The crazy idea is to do my own vlog, but it's still undecided where it came to cross my mind that is there will be any to watch it? LOL.

So please I need your opinion on this, do vote on this poll below TQ! :

Whould you like to comment?

  1. congrats again! i can't believe i won either. hahahaha
    hope u can achieve all the 2017 resolutions :D
    i'm also had a thought about vlogging, but i don't have any suitable equipment YET. T^T

    1. That's another thing, the equipment needed haihh.
      Thank you BV, I hope you can achieve your resolution in this lovely year as well 😊

  2. Happy new year and congratulations for winning the contest.. xD
    About the vlog, you should be bold and give it a try.. ^^

    1. Happy new yearr and thank youu!
      Well maybe someday I would do the vlog. LOL.

  3. congrats! and I my memory serves me right you said that you want to go to Tokyo, right? I could help you out on how to ride a train, where to find halal food etc.

    and you really should get a new blog template. I like reading your posts but the sudden pacing irks me so much that I second handed my decision to follow your blog lol

    1. WOW this is such a good offer. I'll make sure that to refer you soon when I'm about to go for the trip. TQ Rasya!

      ikr. I really want to change to a new template in the near future. Well thank you for still visiting my blog eventho the pacing thing .... 😊

  4. Tahniah... wahhhh leh g makan angin sakan ye... tahniah sekali lagi..
    salam bw...

    1. Terima kasih, alhamdulillah rezeki tahun 2017 untuk pergi makan angin hehehe.

  5. Good luck! May you achieve all your goals for 2017

    1. Thank you kak! May all your wishes come true too xD

  6. Congrats! And happy travelling!
    I like your writing, pls share your trip to phuket i'd happy to read 😊




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