What I Learned As A Curator of @TwtLelaki .

Sunday, December 4, 2016

It was 5.17pm @ 19/11/2016 when I first received a message from the co-admin of @TwtLelaki, through the Twitter's direct message. I wasn't expecting at all to be invited by him to curate @TwtLelaki for a week. And honestly, it was a last minute invitation so I didn't ready myself and prepared much to curate. But without further ado, I just accept the challenge!

And again it was a hectic week as I tried my best to juggle my studies with lots of assignments due and workload and to spend the time to curate @TwtLelaki. But you know, I managed to go through it all!

It was a great experience actually to have a chance to curate one of the most popular twitter accounts that always opens up to discuss topic based on gender-relating and sharing knowledge. 

We know that there are pros and cons to everything and you have to take it all in order to learn and get something new from it. And I learned a lot of things from it. 

So here are what I learned throughout my curating time of @TwtLelaki:

1) Positivity In Every Action.
I know what making successful people success is because of their positivity. They always look everything in a brighter or positive side. Negativity is their rival to success. And that one splendid week I've spent curating taught me that I need to stay positive in whatever situation I'm in. You can't just give up like that. Plus, you always have to end things you've started. Don't just leave it there but finish it with efforts needed.

2) Don't stereotypes.
During the period, I've opened some topic that is likely to be generalized by followers. I know each of us is unique in our own way. So to generalize people over something is a nonsense. Because things that a group of people does might not be the things that other people do. Some external factors; like how we were raised up, the environment we live in and common sense in individual are the things that must be taken into account. As this contribute to the formation of our inner self. Thus, to say everyone is the same (generalizing) is ridiculous. 

Never stereotype people!

3) Don't Be Lazy to Read.
One of the thing that I observed during my curating time, especially when I open a discussion is people are too lazy to read. Some people just come up and shoot me with hates and negative comments without knowing the whole idea of what I'm saying. 

So don't be lazy to read and please get the whole idea correct first before you simply giving responses to people. Because sometimes your words matter much to some people. Be sensible as well in giving responses. If you're going to say something bad, you better keep it to yourself. Don't ruin people with your negativity.

4) Manners, manners, and manners.
No matter who you are, manners always what people see in you. You have no right to say bad things to people. Because everyone has their own values. So do respect and earn respect. 

It's okay if you want to correct people, but please put it in a constructive word instead of hates. Don't make people get offended with your words.

There are a lot actually to be written, but due to time constraints and workload that I have to finish, I think that's all for now.

*Maybe I'll add some more points soon*

Just before that, I love to share a quote that I used to share with @TwtLelaki's followers during my curating period.

"You don't have to be wise all the time, but all the time you have to be kind."


"You don't have to be kind all the time, but all the time you have to be wise."

I don't want to put any final words for these two quotes because for me it is flexible and depending on your situation. Choose and get something from it.

Till then.

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  1. i love to read tweets from @twtlelaki hahahhaha
    and i recognized ur dp. :D
    great job :)




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