Paint Me a Sky.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A random photo of sunset in Universiti Malaysia Pahang

I realized people don't change. But we are making up our mind to not look them as the same. Completely a different person than one we used to know. Maybe it's because of priorities. Our priorities in person change and so does our mind. Trust issues are more likely to be related with this.

I knew people, I observed them. The way they talk, how they carve their smiles. And how I wish people are just like the sky. The sky changes but the beautifulness stay. Well maybe because it belongs to the God up in the skies, undefeated in all aspects.

But aren't we too belong to the God?

So now, paint me a sky with your trusts, honesty, and words. So I know when it changes, new colors and shapes it made. But will the beautifulness stay? 

I'll just let it for us to ponder.

To mend and make it beautiful again for us to divine.

Whould you like to comment?

  1. maybe others like the skies for its sunrises and sunsets, but i only like the skies to look at the stars when i miss someone.

    things are never meant to stay and we only miss something/someone for how they made us feel. obsesi kita untuk merasa.

    i guess so.

  2. they say the sky are beautiful and clean coz human dont live there.
    the beautifulness will stay if u see n feel through the heart :)
    cewahhhh. heheheh

  3. for the first paragraph, do you mean people change for real, then?

    I kinda agree with priorities change people. As we grow older, people don't really care about small stuffs that make no effect to their life.




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