My 7 Blogging Sins

After being a blogger for about two years, I prefer to conclude myself as nothing. Because I know being a blogger is about giving values to people. And I'm suck in that and maybe most of us (bloggers) too. 

With my poor quality of content, I know I'm going nowhere as a blogger. Perhaps, I will improve by time and get to give more to people.

And so you know, yes! We're all committing sins like every day, there's always one thing that we do wrong. But it's okay, that's how human is/are! We do mistakes, get to know what it is and do nothing right?!

So, I'm glad that today I got to spare some time typing in this post! Well, at least it could distract me a bit from all of the never ending academic workload. And guess what, I'm all here to confess only to you about my blogging sins! They are 7 in total!!

Self-centeredness and originality.

Being self-centeredness is a normal thing in blogging. This probably a major issues with personal bloggers like me. We tend to write more about our nonsense story and perhaps there is still be someone to read it up. 

Unfortunately, no one (small in quantity doesn't count) did but it depends on how you deliver the story and tackle the reader. We write things that only we interested in and still hope for everyone to read (well, that's how a personal blog should be RIGHT?). 

And what the reader can get from your post? I always asked this when I want to hit the "publish" button and guess what, I just hit the button without thinking about the answer at all. 

All I think is I need to get my blog updated so my Alexa Rank won't fall and lost in the Pacific Ocean and never come back (Yes, this is happening right now! Poor me, but it doesn't matter much to me, like REALLY?).

I hope someday there will be a moment either when I'm brushing my teeth or when I'm singing at the top of my lungs when my roommate is away, ideas come popping up in my head; suggesting a long list of great ideas to blog so I could give more to people.

And to talk about the originality, we copy too sometime! :P

Being Ungrateful.

Do you know how was it feel like to get an email that asking you to approve someone's comment on your blog? 

It is amazing feeling to describe, like finally someone is interested in what you spent and put on to publish your blog post (time and tears cehh!). And what this post have to do with this? Well, I like to refer back to my older posting about all the foundation (asasi) stuffs, which have long list of comments that are more likely to questions. 

And you know, I'm still grateful that they trust me to provide them with infos they need. But in the meantime I'm being ungrateful too, I don't reply to all. Like only some of them, I only answered to the question that I know and experienced.

I'm really sorry for all the late response and misinfos. And maybe you guys can refer to someone knowledgeable about all the stuff (your counselling teacher could be one!).


We always have that kind of friend that keep telling things you already know over and over again like 47 times in a day. Then you get bored and annoyed. That's how I feel too. 

Being selfish or self-centeredness is a mainstream. But I can help it to be boorish on making a blog post too. I keep on posting things that contently same repeatedly. And I define this as a boorish. 

People come to your blog to get something to digest not to know how many time do you eat today and what your cat is doing (well maybe some). 

I know that I should be more creative in creating content and reduce all the unnecessary posts.


This is a must! :P I still need to pay the domain every year.

But, don't you worry because I don't do like some of the social or entertainment blogger that use pop up to force people to click on the ads to get them to the content. That's harsh and irresponsible!

Well maybe, you guys could help me too? :P Just kidding!

Skip and Skim

There is a time I feel so lazy to read a post till the last word. Especially on the topics that I'm not interested in and I just skip and skim throughout the whole post. This probably a common thing when you do a blogwalking.

And even that, you still want the blog owner to know you've spent your precious time there (skimming through the post), then there you go left some comment saying things that don't not make sense.

This is sometime so obvious, but you gotta learn the skills!

Happy blogwalking!!

Giveaway and Segment

There a many of blogges whom conducting giveaway and segment everyday. The purpose is of course to build a community or a blogging circle so you do not blogging all alone. And there's always someone to be your loyal commentor on every post you published. 

And I never enter one! (I used once, a segment conducted by and I won the consolation prize as well, I guess this is the only segment I joined.)

Because, I think it is all fake. And it doesn't help much in making your blog great. All you need is a great content, but that's all we lack of.

A Lazybone Blogger

The urge to come up with a blog post is always there, but I'm all too lazy to get it done. Maybe sometime I just do it halfway and stopped, close and save it as a draft. Then left my blog frozen with all the lame and bored contents.

But, it only happens to me sometimes. Like today, I stunningly made it to finish my blogpost! It's kind of success for me. 

So there you go! I already confessed to you all 7 blogging sins that I have committed! 

What about yours? 

Don't tell me that you're a saint. :P

Share me what sins have you done! You may leave your blog url in the comment section if you want me to know what have you committed. 

I would gladly read it all with no skip and skim. This I promise! 

p/s: this blogpost is inspired from! Go and check her 7 sins in blogging too!!

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Paint Me a Sky.

A random photo of sunset in Universiti Malaysia Pahang

I realized people don't change. But we are making up our mind to not look them as the same. Completely a different person than one we used to know. Maybe it's because of priorities. Our priorities in person change and so does our mind. Trust issues are more likely to be related with this.

I knew people, I observed them. The way they talk, how they carve their smiles. And how I wish people are just like the sky. The sky changes but the beautifulness stay. Well maybe because it belongs to the God up in the skies, undefeated in all aspects.

But aren't we too belong to the God?

So now, paint me a sky with your trusts, honesty, and words. So I know when it changes, new colors and shapes it made. But will the beautifulness stay? 

I'll just let it for us to ponder.

To mend and make it beautiful again for us to divine.
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