I didn't study abroad, did I miss my chance?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Recently, I just catch up with my long lost ex-schoolmate. It's been two years since the last time we met. We used to be closed and almost share everything together - we even had crush on the same girl back in school (but none of us could ever win her heart and ended up school day single). Let me just call him - Z.

Z told me that he is going to end his three-years-of-diploma by the end of this year. And he is going to further his degree abroad as his passed all the requirements needed (on sponsorship).

That's what I gladly hear as a friend. But, I cannot help it to the tiny bit of envy biting my heart say "Why I don't get the chance to study abroad?".

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Everyone has their own reason on why they want to study overseas. And so do I.

Here are top 5 reasons why people want to study overseas:

  1. See the world - of course this is the biggest reason why people want to study overseas. It's an opportunity for them to conquer the world as they are not in rush to catch a flight back (like travel). They have ample time to experience new things and discover the excitement in the new country. For example, if they are study in France, they could travel to the neighborhood country as well like Rome, Barcelona and even London.
  2. Take in new culture study abroad is an escape for someone in term of witnessing a completely whole new way of life. They will be fascinated by distinct cultural perspectives. Besides, they will get chances to try new heavenly foods, customs, traditions and experience a new social atmosphere. Perhaps, they will able to adjust themselves to get into the whole bloody new things or else they will be culture shocked if they are not used to the adjustment of the new surroundings.
  3. Good career opportunities - good education give you more chances of getting good career opportunities. But it's all depends on your run of luck. Most of the cases, those who study abroad have high employment opportunities. Not to mention if they have knowledge for a second language and international experiences. This will definitely uphold their resume and employability skills. 
  4. Personal development - breaking out from your comfort zone is not what everyone are able to do (by being in a foreign country all alone). Plus, challenging yourself with peculiar experiences can strengthen your values and this will shape you into an independent person. You will also discover yourself by having a better sense of who you are and unearth what you want out of life.
  5. Learn new languages - there are countries that do not use English as their language to communicate. Since you are going to stay in their country for a long specific duration of time and the urge to communicate with people you meet everyday, there is need for you to learn their native language. This will make you easier to adjust yourself to the new surrounding and not to feel like an outcast.
No matter what would be the reasons, study abroad is always an exciting thing. 

Just before that, there are so many things that one must take into account. One of the important things to consider is financial.

Financial would be one of the biggest hurdles to student who are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Good grades and interview skills might help them to get a scholarship. They also could do some part time jobs to pay for college fees and daily expenses.


Well you should have never said no in your life as it will always be a limit between you and your goals. Maybe right now is not the perfect timing or you are not lucky enough to study abroad.

And please stop wondering because we are not letting our childhood dream will be just a dream. Here am going to list for you what you can do to fulfill it:

  1. Travelling after college - well, you are still have a chance to see the world or even learn foreign cultures as an adult traveller instead of student (even though learning is a on going process throughout life). This is the time where you are economically stable (you are now working) that you can likely afford to go to nicer restaurants, five stars hotels and more.
  2. Volunteer abroad - there are many programs that seek for volunteers among people. Most of the programs are focusing on teaching, healthcare, conservation and many more. You can apply one, and be one. This is not only will benefit those who are needy but also yourself who can have great volunteerism experiences abroad.
  3. Enroll for a language school - maybe you still want to experience how was it feels to study abroad (because the heart wants what it wants), then you can enroll for a short language study program in language school abroad. Through there, you can still experience how was it feels to be a student in foreign country.
It is not the end of the world if you did not study abroad.

Yes, study is always the best moment in life. You may not realize that no matter where you study, it's important for you to bring out the best in you.

You should do the best in everything; do great in your study, works and life.

And for those who get a chance to study abroad, please don't make it as the only way to success. We don't know what future holds for us. But, I'm sure that with hard work we may success in everything we do in life.

This is not an envious or jealous statement. Because jealousy is when someone's trying to take what I have; which I don't have. As for envy maybe a bit but soon my bank account will thank you.

So, I congratulate Z for his great achievement and wondering what future holds for me!

If you have anything to share related to the topic above, please speak your piece in the comment section below. Or maybe you can email me at lakiterok@yahoo.com for any comments or suggestion for me to improve. All your words are precious!

Thank you.

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  1. bestnya kalau dapat study luar negara. teringin jugak nk tengok negara orang sambil study nie. memang rasa envy jugak dengan sesiapa yg berpeluang study luar negara. rezeki kita lain2 :D

    1. Betul-betul, tapi mungkin kita dah kena bukak mata, cuba hargai apa yang dah kita ada. HAHAHA.


  2. bestnya kalau dapat study luar negara. teringin jugak nk tengok negara orang sambil study nie. memang rasa envy jugak dengan sesiapa yg berpeluang study luar negara. rezeki kita lain2 :D

  3. ahaa another way to study abroad is by exchange program.

    I really love a system (I think) for EU countries (if I am not mistaken) - called Erasmus, you can stay in another country for 6months - 1 year while getting all those credits needed for your study. Like, you fulfill the study year in another university in another country.

    But, don't worry. InsyaAllah your time and rezeki will come in maybe unexpected way. :) Keep praying, Allah knows the best for you.


    1. Ohh YUP! I missed about it. Exchange program might be a great chance, but I've been told that those who go for it, need to cover their balance credit hours in a short semester when they come back from abroad.

      And life without holidays/sem break is a no life. HEHE.
      But stil it's a good idea.

      Thank you for a visit!

  4. mmg best sebenarnya jelajah negara org. ada best ada yg tak best. yg x best sbb tak dpt selalu balik. hehe. yg bestnya dlm simpan bnyk memori sweet2!. btw salam kenal! :)

    1. Yup, everything comes with a package; pros and cons.

      Salam kenal, Busyra! :D

  5. Kita mungkin terlepas some things yang kita betul2 nak buat in life. But yang terlepas, kita tak boleh buat apa dah. Tinggal lagi kita nak jalan terus dan make it up for what ever yang kita terlepas tu. :)


    1. Life is no time for regret. Chin up and move forward kan. Salam kenal, Hasnul Din. :)

  6. totally agree with all those perks. but i kind of need to admit it was a bit scary as well but that is why people do it right. funnily though, I think most of us, including me, would feel rather insecure knowing others do study abroad. Like somehow they are better. Which is stupid.

    adult traveler is such a go to. i would kill to travel in europe.

    1. That's what negative in overthinking and insecurities, it kills our heart and make us look down into ourself. But it's good to feel it sometimes so we won't stay in our comfort zone and keep improving ourselves.

      HAHAHA this is funny! Just don't kill me then, I prefer to be your partner in crime of killing people LOL xD

  7. Semoga impian tercapai.. untuk Sha pula setiap hari adalah pelajaran.. walau di manapun kita berada.. daam Malaysia or luar Malaysia.. just apreciate what we have is much better..

    1. Yes betul tu, setiap hari yang kita jalani ni adalah pelajaran untuk diri kita. and to be more grateful is to not compare our life others but to appreciate better of what we have now. Thanks Shahida! :D

  8. kalau study aboard mesti best dapat pi jalan2 negara orang

  9. Nice write up!

    Agree with the comfort zone part.
    I wish to study abroad but afraid to break out from my comfort zone too..

    Enroll in language school is kinda good, mayb i shoud try when i secured my profesional certs...


    1. Thanks zety!

      Yes, I also think that by enrolling to language school is the best choice,
      Thank you for visiting my blog as well :D

  10. Orang yang mental kuat je sebenarnya yang boleh betul-betul tahan study abroad ni. p/s : i like to read your writing. keep it up!

    1. Betul, mentaliti dan independent dalam diri kena tinggi kalau nak tinggal tempat orang. Thank youu Atiqah!

  11. Easily understood entry.
    Not a cacamarba type.

    1. Thank you Adam, still need to improve a lot. And I'm working on it.

  12. Hye I have followed your blog. I Heard about you through grapevine that you got grand prize for the traveloka's contest ? Congrats! You did it.

    1. Yeah I did it! Thank you Amer for following my blog. It's a pleasure to have you on the list.




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