19 Disember

19 Disember tahun ini masih lagi sama seperti 19 Disember yang sebelumnya. Aku andaikan ia sebagai satu putaran masa yang akan terus berulang untuk aku hargai. Tak banyak bezanya kali ini cuma bezanya emak menginjak satu lagi angka usia ke atas. Aku sedar usia memamah kudratnya untuk terus meningkat.

Saban tahun aku berharap untuk tidak rasa kecewa pada tarikh ini. Saban tahun itu juga aku gagal untuk tidak rasa kecewa. Kecewa dengan betapa penakutnya diri aku dalam menzahirkan rasa yang benar-benar aku rasakan. Anggaplah aku ini seorang yang pengecut dan cuma pentingkan diri atau mungkin sekadar tidak pandai untuk menzahirkan rasa melalui susunan kata-kata.
Mungkin, kerana bagi aku biar berjuta sekalipun perkataan yang wujud di dunia tapi masih belum cukup untuk menggambarkan rasa abstrak yang hanya datang dari hati.

Aku gemar curi lihat senyuman yang emak ukirkan saat dia membaca ucapan anak-anak yang lain di telefon. Dan entah kenapa aku berfikir teknologi juga punca yang mematikan rasa yang dulunya dizahirkan dengan lisan tapi kini dibentuk menjadi barisan ayat tanpa jiwa. Kosong, tiada nada sebagai inti yang disertakan bagi gambarkan rasa.

Dan bila difikirkan apresiasi apa yang layaknya diberikan kepada emak. Aku tergamam. Kerana aku tahu tiada apa yang diinginkan emak selain keikhlasan dari anak-anak.

Aku juga tahu bahawa waktu tidak akan berhenti berputar dan akan terus meninggalkan segalanya ke belakang. Jadi aku putuskan hari ini menjadi hari yang paling bermakna.

Selamat hari jadi emak! Biar emak dikekalkan nikmat kesihatan dan semoga setiap apa yang emak curahkan kepada kami adik-beradik mendapat ganjaran dari Dia yang Maha Pemberi. Mungkin tidak dengan harta benda di dunia tetapi dengan ganjaran lain di penamat masa. Sesungguhnya emak ialah anugerah di dunia yang tidak ternilai buat kami.

Seikhlas hati,
Anak mak.
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I need a holidaylah! #MyTravelokaEscapade

I just can't believe that I finally made it through 14 weeks of stressful lectures, well maybe only the last two weeks can be counted as stressful; where I got THREE PROJECTS submission and uncountable of assignments that can't get done by themselves. Kudos to myself for being able to get it all done. Yehuuuu! So here I am relaxing at home to waste a few days of my study week with unproductive things.

So let's get to the point!



But firstly, I would like to thank Traveloka for conducting such an amazing contest and gives us chances to win a lot of superb prizes!! They're so cool!

So you guys must be curious where I'm going to spend my holiday right? Let me end your curiosity now! Yes I mean NOW!! 


Why would it be Japan? Why not Korea, Hong Kong or even London?

It's because I see Tokyo, Japan as a complete package of what I need as a destination to travel.
Why not?

A bit from my journal!

Tokyo has stunning temples and shrines that can offer me good meditation and as a great escape to the chaotic and busy life in the cities. They're also great in architecture; the shapes and the unique building of the temples and shrines that could amaze you. As we know Japan is a place that rich in cultural activities; if you google it there is a long list of festivals were planned every month and guess what this is the great chance for tourist to get into Japanese cultural and experience it by themselves. There are also a lot of cute things in Japan (I don't mean the Japanese themselves even though there are CUTE! xD) where they have everything in cartoon versions.

And here is some fact about Japan that made it to the first choice as my travel destination:

"Japan acquired 1.395 Global Peace Index and the safest country in Asia and 9th in the world."

Based on WorldAtlas, Japan acquired 1.395 Global Peace Index which made it as the most safest country in Asia and the 9th in the world to be visited. Followed Japan is Singapore; the 20th safest country in the world. Only these two Asian countries were listed with another 23 Europe countries by the WorldAtlas as the safest country in the world.

For more ranking in another aspect, you guys can visit this page: Japan In The World.


Some of what I wrote in my journal!

1. Temples and shrines in Tokyo.

I know this kind of mainstream among the travelers, but Japan is a country that offers you a lot of spiritual amusement place and they are the temples and shrines!

I have listed a list of amazing and eye-catching temples and shrines in Tokyo that I really want to visit. And they are; Togo Shrine, Meiji Shrine, and Sensoji Temple!

  • Togo Shrine: is dedicated to Togo Heihachiro (1848-1934), he is the legendary admiral in the Japanese Navy. 
  • Meiji Shrine: is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, and this is the well-known temple in all of Tokyo!
  • Sensoji Temple: a grandeur place at night for good photos and have a lot of stalls open around it selling traditional foods and trinket dotted. It has gorgeous pagoda and oodles oracles.
This is the Togo Shrine! I love how classic it is, the best time to visit is when the Sakura blooms.

The Meiji Shrine! WOW isn't?!

2. Natural landscapes in Tokyo.

I know it may be time-consuming to explore the natural landscape if you have a short vacation; but if I have to choose I would prefer the mother nature itself over the cities. Tokyo or wholly Japan is the best-preserved country where they take care of everything! No wonder it has been listed as the cleanest country every year! So where would I be to explore the natural landscapes in Tokyo?

  • Akigawa Gorge: +ous yes it is Akigawa gorgeous! If I could be there in the late November to December, I could experience the autumn foliage, where I could see the stunning contrast between golden yellow ginkgos and red mapples. It also has Ishifune-bashi; a vantage point or the suspension bridge that spanning across the gorge! While other nearby attractions are: Hot Spring Spa Seoto-no-Yu (it will be a good therapy absolutely) and Otake Limestone Cave. 
  • Mt Mitake: It has elevation of 929 meter and can be reached by 30 minutes of cable car journey. On the top of the mount there is a shrine and Shindai Keyaki; 600 years old tree that is figured in legends and myths. 
Akigawa Gorge, look how clear the water is!

Ishifune-bashi; imagine how many beatiful photos you can take here. What an astonishing view!

3. Arts and Museums galleries.

Since art is our only salvation from the horror of existence so why not I get to immerse myself into the art world that Tokyo can offer!

  • Nezu Museum: 5 minutes walk from Harajuku Station, Fee: 700 - 1000 yen.
  • Hara Museum of Contemporary Art: 1000 yen admission.
  • Taka Ishii Gallery: If you look for artwork about street photography.
  • Tokyo National Museum: The oldest museum and have a lot of Japanese arts and artifacts.
  • Miraikan:The national museum of emerging science and innovation.
  • The National Art Center: Near the Nogizaka Station and get discounted price for admission if you go visit another two museums; Suntory Museum and Mori Art Museum.
Miraikan that is also known as The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

4. Delicious and mouth-watering foods.

So maybe this is the golden opportunity for me to try fresh sushi in Tokyo since I have been eating the one in Sushi King for years. Maybe it taste good or maybe not, I don't know. And since Japan is not an Islam country it's good to have an application named #HHWT Travel Planner App that will list for you restaurants with Halal certificate and attraction that you could try around Tokyo!

  • Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka: Ramen + bowl of rice + grilled chicken + yakitori (this a set with big portion). To get here take 8 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station.
  • Naritaya: The ramen noodles are made fresh from its factory! And you can even order through vending machine in front of the restaurant. And if you like your ramen to be spicy you can ask for chilli paste. Located at Asakusa.
  • Yakiniku Tanden (Yoyogi Branch): Nearby the Shinjuku shopping place and the set meal they offer for 4,500 yen are; salad + soup + different cut of beefs + desserts. Yummy!
  • Sushiken: Located in Asakusa where it offers freshest food to offer especially for die-hard fan of sushi like meee xD.
  • La Toque: If curious what the Japanese curry tastes like you can go have a sip of it at 4th floor in the Narita Airport Terminal 2.

Sushi in Asakusa, look how attractive the colors are!

5. Shopping while you got money!

I bet there are many to choose, Tokyo have anything that you want! Here I have listed few places to shop in Tokyo:

  • Akihabara: The traditional hub for electronics and also be the centre of geeks and their penchants for anime, manga and J-Pop culture. 
  • Kagurazaka: Have several shops selling geta (traditional wooden sandals) and drawstring purses made from lavish kimono fabric. This is a good place to buy some souveneirs.
  • Shinjuku: Here you'll find Isetan, one of Tokyo's most revered department stores and this also the place where music lovers can lose a day browsing the eight storeys of secondhand vinyl and CDs.
Absolutely there are thousand places for shopping in Japan! I can't wait to explore each of them. LOL xD

Some view in Shinjuku!

6. Get into Japanese cultures!

If I'm lucky enough I might get a chance to join the festivals that being held in Tokyo. It must be a lot of difference with what we have in Malaysia. This is also a chance for me to interact with the citizens in Tokyo. I bet this might be one-in-a-lifetime chance! So I won't let it go xD

Mitama Festival in Tokyo!
My last wish to do in Japan is cycling in Japan! It must be a great experience to cycle in a place that I have not been there before while gasping for fresh air. I know Japan have so much to offer and to list it all of course it will be a long list.

I'm now start writing a journal and maybe if Traveloka give me a chance to have my holiday in Tokyo, then it would be my opportunity to have a travel journal specifically for Tokyo, Japan?!

So for those who just heard of Traveloka; it is a website for you to find flight ticket and hotels if you're planning to go for holiday. You could give it a try!

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What I Learned As A Curator of @TwtLelaki .

It was 5.17pm @ 19/11/2016 when I first received a message from the co-admin of @TwtLelaki, through the Twitter's direct message. I wasn't expecting at all to be invited by him to curate @TwtLelaki for a week. And honestly, it was a last minute invitation so I didn't ready myself and prepared much to curate. But without further ado, I just accept the challenge!

And again it was a hectic week as I tried my best to juggle my studies with lots of assignments due and workload and to spend the time to curate @TwtLelaki. But you know, I managed to go through it all!

It was a great experience actually to have a chance to curate one of the most popular twitter accounts that always opens up to discuss topic based on gender-relating and sharing knowledge. 

We know that there are pros and cons to everything and you have to take it all in order to learn and get something new from it. And I learned a lot of things from it. 

So here are what I learned throughout my curating time of @TwtLelaki:

1) Positivity In Every Action.
I know what making successful people success is because of their positivity. They always look everything in a brighter or positive side. Negativity is their rival to success. And that one splendid week I've spent curating taught me that I need to stay positive in whatever situation I'm in. You can't just give up like that. Plus, you always have to end things you've started. Don't just leave it there but finish it with efforts needed.

2) Don't stereotypes.
During the period, I've opened some topic that is likely to be generalized by followers. I know each of us is unique in our own way. So to generalize people over something is a nonsense. Because things that a group of people does might not be the things that other people do. Some external factors; like how we were raised up, the environment we live in and common sense in individual are the things that must be taken into account. As this contribute to the formation of our inner self. Thus, to say everyone is the same (generalizing) is ridiculous. 

Never stereotype people!

3) Don't Be Lazy to Read.
One of the thing that I observed during my curating time, especially when I open a discussion is people are too lazy to read. Some people just come up and shoot me with hates and negative comments without knowing the whole idea of what I'm saying. 

So don't be lazy to read and please get the whole idea correct first before you simply giving responses to people. Because sometimes your words matter much to some people. Be sensible as well in giving responses. If you're going to say something bad, you better keep it to yourself. Don't ruin people with your negativity.

4) Manners, manners, and manners.
No matter who you are, manners always what people see in you. You have no right to say bad things to people. Because everyone has their own values. So do respect and earn respect. 

It's okay if you want to correct people, but please put it in a constructive word instead of hates. Don't make people get offended with your words.

There are a lot actually to be written, but due to time constraints and workload that I have to finish, I think that's all for now.

*Maybe I'll add some more points soon*

Just before that, I love to share a quote that I used to share with @TwtLelaki's followers during my curating period.

"You don't have to be wise all the time, but all the time you have to be kind."


"You don't have to be kind all the time, but all the time you have to be wise."

I don't want to put any final words for these two quotes because for me it is flexible and depending on your situation. Choose and get something from it.

Till then.

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My 7 Blogging Sins

After being a blogger for about two years, I prefer to conclude myself as nothing. Because I know being a blogger is about giving values to people. And I'm suck in that and maybe most of us (bloggers) too. 

With my poor quality of content, I know I'm going nowhere as a blogger. Perhaps, I will improve by time and get to give more to people.

And so you know, yes! We're all committing sins like every day, there's always one thing that we do wrong. But it's okay, that's how human is/are! We do mistakes, get to know what it is and do nothing right?!

So, I'm glad that today I got to spare some time typing in this post! Well, at least it could distract me a bit from all of the never ending academic workload. And guess what, I'm all here to confess only to you about my blogging sins! They are 7 in total!!

Self-centeredness and originality.

Being self-centeredness is a normal thing in blogging. This probably a major issues with personal bloggers like me. We tend to write more about our nonsense story and perhaps there is still be someone to read it up. 

Unfortunately, no one (small in quantity doesn't count) did but it depends on how you deliver the story and tackle the reader. We write things that only we interested in and still hope for everyone to read (well, that's how a personal blog should be RIGHT?). 

And what the reader can get from your post? I always asked this when I want to hit the "publish" button and guess what, I just hit the button without thinking about the answer at all. 

All I think is I need to get my blog updated so my Alexa Rank won't fall and lost in the Pacific Ocean and never come back (Yes, this is happening right now! Poor me, but it doesn't matter much to me, like REALLY?).

I hope someday there will be a moment either when I'm brushing my teeth or when I'm singing at the top of my lungs when my roommate is away, ideas come popping up in my head; suggesting a long list of great ideas to blog so I could give more to people.

And to talk about the originality, we copy too sometime! :P

Being Ungrateful.

Do you know how was it feel like to get an email that asking you to approve someone's comment on your blog? 

It is amazing feeling to describe, like finally someone is interested in what you spent and put on to publish your blog post (time and tears cehh!). And what this post have to do with this? Well, I like to refer back to my older posting about all the foundation (asasi) stuffs, which have long list of comments that are more likely to questions. 

And you know, I'm still grateful that they trust me to provide them with infos they need. But in the meantime I'm being ungrateful too, I don't reply to all. Like only some of them, I only answered to the question that I know and experienced.

I'm really sorry for all the late response and misinfos. And maybe you guys can refer to someone knowledgeable about all the stuff (your counselling teacher could be one!).


We always have that kind of friend that keep telling things you already know over and over again like 47 times in a day. Then you get bored and annoyed. That's how I feel too. 

Being selfish or self-centeredness is a mainstream. But I can help it to be boorish on making a blog post too. I keep on posting things that contently same repeatedly. And I define this as a boorish. 

People come to your blog to get something to digest not to know how many time do you eat today and what your cat is doing (well maybe some). 

I know that I should be more creative in creating content and reduce all the unnecessary posts.


This is a must! :P I still need to pay the domain every year.

But, don't you worry because I don't do like some of the social or entertainment blogger that use pop up to force people to click on the ads to get them to the content. That's harsh and irresponsible!

Well maybe, you guys could help me too? :P Just kidding!

Skip and Skim

There is a time I feel so lazy to read a post till the last word. Especially on the topics that I'm not interested in and I just skip and skim throughout the whole post. This probably a common thing when you do a blogwalking.

And even that, you still want the blog owner to know you've spent your precious time there (skimming through the post), then there you go left some comment saying things that don't not make sense.

This is sometime so obvious, but you gotta learn the skills!

Happy blogwalking!!

Giveaway and Segment

There a many of blogges whom conducting giveaway and segment everyday. The purpose is of course to build a community or a blogging circle so you do not blogging all alone. And there's always someone to be your loyal commentor on every post you published. 

And I never enter one! (I used once, a segment conducted by sayaiday.com and I won the consolation prize as well, I guess this is the only segment I joined.)

Because, I think it is all fake. And it doesn't help much in making your blog great. All you need is a great content, but that's all we lack of.

A Lazybone Blogger

The urge to come up with a blog post is always there, but I'm all too lazy to get it done. Maybe sometime I just do it halfway and stopped, close and save it as a draft. Then left my blog frozen with all the lame and bored contents.

But, it only happens to me sometimes. Like today, I stunningly made it to finish my blogpost! It's kind of success for me. 

So there you go! I already confessed to you all 7 blogging sins that I have committed! 

What about yours? 

Don't tell me that you're a saint. :P

Share me what sins have you done! You may leave your blog url in the comment section if you want me to know what have you committed. 

I would gladly read it all with no skip and skim. This I promise! 

p/s: this blogpost is inspired from spitoutkata.blogspot.my! Go and check her 7 sins in blogging too!!

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Paint Me a Sky.

A random photo of sunset in Universiti Malaysia Pahang

I realized people don't change. But we are making up our mind to not look them as the same. Completely a different person than one we used to know. Maybe it's because of priorities. Our priorities in person change and so does our mind. Trust issues are more likely to be related with this.

I knew people, I observed them. The way they talk, how they carve their smiles. And how I wish people are just like the sky. The sky changes but the beautifulness stay. Well maybe because it belongs to the God up in the skies, undefeated in all aspects.

But aren't we too belong to the God?

So now, paint me a sky with your trusts, honesty, and words. So I know when it changes, new colors and shapes it made. But will the beautifulness stay? 

I'll just let it for us to ponder.

To mend and make it beautiful again for us to divine.
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And I Still Remember.

I still remember about you. You're the least thing I want to forget.
It's been a hectic week till I read your texts. A feeling like being sucked away suddenly gets into my guts. Perhaps it wasn't my soul.
I wasn't made of glass. But those scratches you've made of me is still clearly seen on the wall of my glass heart. Do you know who can fix these scratches? Mend this or make me a new one.
Silly 16 years old of me always thought that leaving you behind would be like a nightmare brought to life. It wasn't clear what I have to do, only to make you stay. Like walking down an empty tunnel without a hint of light, not knowing where it will end. Eternal darkness, complete silence and eery coldness surrounding my lonely body and soul.
A flashback of memories we had looping inside my head. Confusing my heart to tell myself not to think with my consciences.
That night is full of silences and feels like far-off to end. How I wish we had more conversations just like how my inner soul want to scream at you.
You're still the same stranger I used to know four years ago. But today as a stranger with some achievements. I don't know I should be proud or not, because I still remember about you, and how bad you made me feel back in years before.
I realized that there are more to the world than to find love. There are more to love than to find one. And ultimately, there are more to the one than them being your soulmate.
The chains confining my heart have been broken, but not my heart itself.
For my own sanity, when we were together, I thought myself as a redundant poem. The kind that people would stop reading even before the first comma. However, I had no commas, as I always waiting for you to end all the unpleasant ache.
I still remember your chuckles, laughs and every little thing about you. Perhaps I didn't miss them at all.
And I still remember how heartless you were that day, crumpling those hopes of mine and walking away. 
I still remember. 
And I will not forget.
03:25AM 10/23/2016
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Oktober Tanpa Identiti


Hi readers (kalaulah ada yang sudi baca), rasanya dah lama sangat aku tak menulis tentang diri sendiri dekat blog tersayang ni. Blog ni pulak dalam masa berbelas hari lagi akan expired domain dia. Aku ingatkan nak renew (kemain renew padahal bukan selalu update pon) kelmarin tapi ada masalah sikit dengan kad debit aku. So, renewal domain tergendala :( ini sangat menyedihkan.

Dah setahun jugak blog aku dengan nama lakiterok.com ni wujud. Setahun pon masih suam-suam kuku lagi sebab jarang benorr aku nak update. Ranking Alexa pun terus hanyut di lautan pasifik sampai tak jumpa-jumpa dah sama macam MH370.

Aku sebenarnya rindu nak menulis sebagai anonymous tanpa identiti. So that ruang lingkup topik yang aku nak ceritakan dekat blog sangat luas dan tak payah pening nak kisah siapa yang baca blog aku. Mungkin ini jugak punca aku jarang update blog. Aku fikir bakat aku nak cari idea menulis pon dah makin terhakis dan silap-silap tak lama lagi terus pupus dalam diri aku. 

Entahlah nasib. Minggu depan test pon dah mula. Aku ada tiga test, dua due assignment, dan satu quiz yang nak kena hadap. Guys doakan aku dipermudahkan nak hadap minggu stress ni ok? Dan tak lupa yang paling best 21 October nanti dah mula cuti mid semester - seminggu. Untuk mengelakkan kehabisan tiket, awal tadi lagi aku dah beli siap-siap!

Beralih ke kisah cinta pulak, tahniah sebab aku masih berjaya mengekalkan status solo (dah berabad lamanya) dan masih tak terfikir lagi to belong to someone. Bukan langsung tak ada rasa, tapi aku fikir kalau aku ada that kind of special relationship, it won't make me free. Aku tak bebas nak buat apa yang aku suka (entah apalah yang aku nak buat ye?) plus, semenjak umur dah bukan belasan ni buat aku lebih prefer real conversation instead of texting.

My biggest fear is aku rasa takut if I am not good enough for her. And those insecurities yang buatkan aku fikir banyak kali before going deeper into any relationship with girls. Aku selesa dengan aku yang sekarang. Walaupun kadang-kadang otak selalu rasa yang aku betul-betul nakkan a stable relationship but when I think back on "how clingy a woman can be" benda tu terus batalkan niat aku. I have those experiences, I can tell though.

Untuk apa yang betul-betul aku nakkan sekarang adalah pertamanya tentu-tentulah to excel in study. Keduanya, kawan-kawan yang sekepala dan setia (berkawan pon kena setia OK!). Ketiganya, nikmat kesihatan dan ketetapan iman dalam diri aku (belakangan ni aku asyik sihat tak sihat je). Dan yang terakhir, untuk aku cari diri aku yang sebenar yang masih samar-samar.

Itu jelah yang aku rasa setakat ini.

Kalaulah hidup ini bukan untuk kepuasan, kenapa wujudnya rasa puas itu.

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Dapat Duit Bila Shopping Online?

Zaman sekarang orang lagi suka buat pembelian dari dalam talian. Lazada, Zalora, FashionValet, Sephora, Hermo yang kalau aku nak senaraikan satu-satu memang takkan habis. Terdapat banyakkk sangat laman-laman web yang menjadi kegilaan orang sekarang untuk shopping. Ni semua gara-gara promotion discounts yang ditawarkan dan efisiennya berbelanja secara online. AWAS! Jangan sampai ketagih sudah! HAHA.


YA! Ada banyak manfaat bila berbelanja online ni sebenarnya dan sememangnya menjimatkan. Ada satu cara yang dipanggil SHOPBACK? Tahu apa itu SHOPBACK? Iaitu dimana kita akan mendapat pulangan wang apabila kita berbelanja secara online. Seronokkan? Lagi banyak berbelanja, lagi banyak pulangan wang yang kita dapat.

Macam menabung sambil berbelanja gitu! 


Shopback merupakan satu laman web yang direka khas untuk memberikan keuntungan kepada penggunanya. Menerusi shopback korang akan dapat banyak tawaran hebat yang membolehkan korang berjimat dan pada masa yang sama menabung. Cara-caranya sangat mudah!

1) Klik atau pilih mana-mana gudang online yang korang nak berbelanja menerusi laman shopback, dan kemudiannya shopback akan bawa korang ke laman tersebut.
2) Lakukan pembelian dan pembayaran.
3) Shopback akan sahkan pembelian korang dan tupp tuppp duit dah masuk dalam akaun.

Hanya 3 cara mudah ini sahaja yang diperlukan. Mudahkan?

Bagi yang masih kurang faham, mehh sini aku ada sediakan carta alir yang akan bantu korang untuk menggunakan Shopback!

Setiap cashback yang diberikan adalah berdasarkan peratus (%) yang ditetapkan oleh shopback. Untuk gambaran yang lebih mudah korang boleh lihat gambar di bawah:

Duit dah masuk? Apalagi jomlah cashout sekarang. Di Shopback korang boleh cashout kepada pelbagai jenis akaun bank. Antaranya adalah seperti di bawah:

Klik gambar untuk mendaftar!


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I didn't study abroad, did I miss my chance?

Recently, I just catch up with my long lost ex-schoolmate. It's been two years since the last time we met. We used to be closed and almost share everything together - we even had crush on the same girl back in school (but none of us could ever win her heart and ended up school day single). Let me just call him - Z.

Z told me that he is going to end his three-years-of-diploma by the end of this year. And he is going to further his degree abroad as his passed all the requirements needed (on sponsorship).

That's what I gladly hear as a friend. But, I cannot help it to the tiny bit of envy biting my heart say "Why I don't get the chance to study abroad?".

belajar di luar negara study abroad and overseas malaysia US UK


Everyone has their own reason on why they want to study overseas. And so do I.

Here are top 5 reasons why people want to study overseas:

  1. See the world - of course this is the biggest reason why people want to study overseas. It's an opportunity for them to conquer the world as they are not in rush to catch a flight back (like travel). They have ample time to experience new things and discover the excitement in the new country. For example, if they are study in France, they could travel to the neighborhood country as well like Rome, Barcelona and even London.
  2. Take in new culture study abroad is an escape for someone in term of witnessing a completely whole new way of life. They will be fascinated by distinct cultural perspectives. Besides, they will get chances to try new heavenly foods, customs, traditions and experience a new social atmosphere. Perhaps, they will able to adjust themselves to get into the whole bloody new things or else they will be culture shocked if they are not used to the adjustment of the new surroundings.
  3. Good career opportunities - good education give you more chances of getting good career opportunities. But it's all depends on your run of luck. Most of the cases, those who study abroad have high employment opportunities. Not to mention if they have knowledge for a second language and international experiences. This will definitely uphold their resume and employability skills. 
  4. Personal development - breaking out from your comfort zone is not what everyone are able to do (by being in a foreign country all alone). Plus, challenging yourself with peculiar experiences can strengthen your values and this will shape you into an independent person. You will also discover yourself by having a better sense of who you are and unearth what you want out of life.
  5. Learn new languages - there are countries that do not use English as their language to communicate. Since you are going to stay in their country for a long specific duration of time and the urge to communicate with people you meet everyday, there is need for you to learn their native language. This will make you easier to adjust yourself to the new surrounding and not to feel like an outcast.
No matter what would be the reasons, study abroad is always an exciting thing. 

Just before that, there are so many things that one must take into account. One of the important things to consider is financial.

Financial would be one of the biggest hurdles to student who are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Good grades and interview skills might help them to get a scholarship. They also could do some part time jobs to pay for college fees and daily expenses.


Well you should have never said no in your life as it will always be a limit between you and your goals. Maybe right now is not the perfect timing or you are not lucky enough to study abroad.

And please stop wondering because we are not letting our childhood dream will be just a dream. Here am going to list for you what you can do to fulfill it:

  1. Travelling after college - well, you are still have a chance to see the world or even learn foreign cultures as an adult traveller instead of student (even though learning is a on going process throughout life). This is the time where you are economically stable (you are now working) that you can likely afford to go to nicer restaurants, five stars hotels and more.
  2. Volunteer abroad - there are many programs that seek for volunteers among people. Most of the programs are focusing on teaching, healthcare, conservation and many more. You can apply one, and be one. This is not only will benefit those who are needy but also yourself who can have great volunteerism experiences abroad.
  3. Enroll for a language school - maybe you still want to experience how was it feels to study abroad (because the heart wants what it wants), then you can enroll for a short language study program in language school abroad. Through there, you can still experience how was it feels to be a student in foreign country.
It is not the end of the world if you did not study abroad.

Yes, study is always the best moment in life. You may not realize that no matter where you study, it's important for you to bring out the best in you.

You should do the best in everything; do great in your study, works and life.

And for those who get a chance to study abroad, please don't make it as the only way to success. We don't know what future holds for us. But, I'm sure that with hard work we may success in everything we do in life.

This is not an envious or jealous statement. Because jealousy is when someone's trying to take what I have; which I don't have. As for envy maybe a bit but soon my bank account will thank you.

So, I congratulate Z for his great achievement and wondering what future holds for me!

If you have anything to share related to the topic above, please speak your piece in the comment section below. Or maybe you can email me at lakiterok@yahoo.com for any comments or suggestion for me to improve. All your words are precious!

Thank you.

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Hanya 3 Jam

Aku masih ingat saat kau membeliakkan mata memerhati kiri dan kanan, atas dan bawah - kosong. Aku tahu kau ligat memikirkan apa butir bicara yang harus kau lontarkan buat hilang rasa kekok yang menghuni sekitar kita. Aku pula masih gemar memandang tepat ke mata kau dengan sedikit harapan yang cuba aku semaikan. Aku harapkan kau dapat melihat ikhlasnya rasa yang aku mahukan. Tapi kau memilih untuk tidak melihat bahkan anak mata kau larikan saat kita saling bertentang. Angin yang bertiup tak terasa dengan bahang dapur kedai yang rancak membakar.

Kau tersenyum sambil mata masih memandang di hadapan jalan raya tika aku mula bicara tentang kurangnya aku. Kacamata yang aku pakai dikelas aku gantikan dengan kamera telefon - untuk penglihatan yang lebih baik. Kau katakan ianya pelik dan baru kesekian kali kau dengar orang yang sedemikian. Tak pernah orang buat itu kata kau yang aku lakukan. Kau terus menguji jauhnya penglihatan aku sambil menunjuk-nunjuk ke hadapan cermin kereta. Aku tersenyum nipis cuba sembunyi rasa gembira yang kau puncakan. Dan kau terus membawa aku ke tempat yang belum biasa aku lihat. Aku berharap malam itu berhenti berdetik kerana terlalu banyak untuk dinikmati dan diingati.

Kau aku lihatnya teruja bila lagu yang kau pasang berjaya aku teka dengan tepat dalam hanya sekali cubaan. Percayalah sungguh aku tak pasti dan sangka itu jawabnya. Kau terus mencuba bertanyakan lagu-lagu yang seterusnya. Dan aku gagal berkali-kali kerana lagu-lagu itu janggal di dengar oleh telinga aku.

Hanya tiga jam itu aku rasakan bagai di syurga yang telah aku siakan. Dalam tiga jam itu aku gagal mengekalkan kau. Hanya dalam tiga jam itu juga aku kehilangan kau.

Jiwa kau belum kosong. Kata kau hati masih berkecamuk memikirkan rasa basi yang lepas. Kau berhenti beri harapan saat kau sedar aku mula mendesak terdesak. Aku sedar kau sedar tapi aku terlalu takut untuk berganjak. Bergerak meninggalkan kau kerana harap aku pada kau masih berbaki dan kau tak pernah peduli.

"Jom I temankan you balik naik train." mungkin dialog yang akan kekal dalam ingatan.
Dan aku pun berhenti berharap.
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Rahsia Jana Duit Mudah Sebagai Pelajar

Alhamdulillah dalam bulan Ramadan bulan barakah kali ni aku nak share satu rahsia yang kejap lagi akan jadi tak rahsia untuk korang semua tahu. Dan yang pastinya apa yang aku nak sharekan ni betul-betul menjadi sebab aku pun dah cuba. Mestilah sebelum kita nak rekomenkan dekat orang kita kena cuba dulu! 

Biasanya kehidupan sebagai pelajar ni yang aku rasa sebab aku sendiri pun student jugak akan banyak habiskan masa depan laptop dan internet. Dengan internet yang jadi keperluan asas kita sebagai student untuk siapkan segala macam assignment kuiz online dan sebagainya tahu tak kita boleh dapat duit sampingan dengan mudah. Nak tahu macam mana? Meh aku story sikit.

Mungkin ada setengah dari korang pernah dengar tentang Paid To Click program atau nak lagi ringkas kebiasaannya orang panggil laman PTC! Apa itu PTC? Secara ringkas, Paid To Click atau PTC merupakan "orang tengah" di antara pengiklan dan pengguna; di mana pengiklan membayar untuk memaparkan iklan mereka di laman web PTC, manakala sebahagian daripada bayaran ini digunakan untuk membayar pengguna yang klik atau melihat iklan tersebut. Laman web PTC ini aku cadangkan memang medium yang sesuai lagi-lagi untuk golongan pelajar macam aku untuk cari duit sampingan dengan mudah secara online, mudah dan menguntungkan tanpa perlu keluarkan modal sesen pon!

Okay sekarang korang dah faham apa itu PTC kan? Sekarang aku nak kongsikan pulak cerita macam mana aku buat duit dari program PTC ni.


Nak cari duit secara online ni memang mudah bahkan tetapi kena tahu medium yang betul. Haaa! Apa itu CLIXSENSE? Clixsense nilah rahsia aku jana pendapatan secara online! Mudah sangat jana duit menerusi Clixsense ni tapi sebelum aku cerita caranya nak buat duit guna clixsense aku nak bagitau apa tu clixsense.

Clixsense merupakan sebuah syarikat pengiklanan yang berpusat di USA. Syarikat pengiklanan Clixsense ini sudah mula beroperasi dari tahun 2007 lagi. Selain menyediakan khidmat pengiklanan kepada sesiapa sahaja, Clixsense juga memberi peluang kepada ahli berdaftar untuk menjana pendapatan. Ahli-ahli Clixsense yang berdaftar ini akan berpeluang untuk menjana pendapatan dengan cara yang mudah dan menyenangkan. Terdapat beberapa cara bagaimana ahli berdaftar Clixsense mampu lakukan untuk menjana pendapatan; anataranya adalah dengan mengklik iklan yang mereka paparkan, menjawab survey-survey online yang disediakan, menonton iklan atau video pendek, memuat turun aplikasi telefon pintar dan juga menyelesaikan tugasan-tugasan di ruangan tugasan.


Apa yang buatkan aku yakin tentang Clixsense ni pada mulanya ada dengan adanya forum khas yang disediakan dalam bahasa Melayu. Menerusi forum ini kita akan dapat berkongsi pendapat, masalah dan macam-macam lagi bersama-sama dengan ahli-ahli berdaftar Clixsense Malaysia yang lain. Kebanyakkan diorang ni sangat berpengalaman dan murah hati nak membantu. Dari aku tak tahu apa langsung tentang clixsense sampailah dah serba tahu, terima kasih sangat pada kawan-kawan Clixsense yang lain :)


buat duit online pasif tanpa modal clixsense lakiterok
Antara respon newbie yang join Clixsense! 

buat duit online pasif tanpa modal clixsense lakiterok
Brade Aaroneddie ni memang sifu di Clixsense dari Malaysia banyak sangat membantu ahli-ahli lain, tengoklah earnings sebulan dia berapa? Hmm bila entah nak rajin macam dia.


Nahh untuk memudahkan lagi korang aku dah tempelkan sekali video ringkas mengenai clixsense dari Youtube. Tengok dan hadam.

Satu lagi aku nak bagitahu; Clixsense akan bayar korang dengan tukaran mata wang dollar Amerika (USD)

Macam mana nak dapat bayaran daripada Clixsense?
  • KLIK DAN MELIHAT IKLAN BERBAYAR ($0.001 - $0.02 USD) bagi setiap iklan yang dilihat.

buat duit mudah clixsense lakiterok online pasif

buat duit mudah di clixsense lakiterok

buat duit mudah di clixsense lakiterok

buat duit mudah di clixsense lakiterok

buat duit mudah di clixsense lakiterok

buat duit mudah di clixsense lakiterok


Alhamdulillah kiranya bulan Jun ni merupakan bulan kelima aku dah join Clixsense secara tak langsungnya dan aku pun dah buat tiga kali cashout daripada clixsense ke akaun Paypal aku, mula-mula memang tak banyak sebab tak berapa faham dengan cara nak dapat income daripada Clixsense ni tapi lepas dari sehari ke sehari aku belajar sendiri dengan rujuk forum dan kawan-kawan di Clixsense makin jadi mudah untuk jana income pasif dari Clixsense ni.

Mesti korang dah muak dengar aku cakap berhabuk dari mula post ni sampai lah hujung-hujung entry ni mehh sini aku nak belanja sikit gambar bayaran daripada Clixsense kot-kot ada daripada korang yang ingat aku nak auta :')

bayaran dari clixsense buat duit lakiterok
Bayaran pertama daripada Clixsense : $8.83 USD

bayaran dari clixsense buat duit lakiterok
Bayaran kedua daripada Clixsense: $9.45 USD

bayaran daripada clixsense buat duit lakiterok
Bayaran ketiga daripada Clixsense: $11.70 USD

Screenshot daripada akaun Paypal aku. Dah 3 kali cashout dari Clixsense!

So macam mana? Aku dah kongsikan peluang yang aku sendiri dah cuba dan rasa keberkesanannya, korang bila lagi?

Mendaftar sekarang di Clixsense!

atau korang boleh klik banner di bawah atau mana-mana banner di atas!


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