Apa Itu Ikhtilat?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Apa itu Ikhtilat?

Anda benar-benar pasti tahu mengenai Ikhtilat?

Nak tahu lebih lanjut mengenai Ikhtilat?

Jika YA!

 Jom sama-sama luangkan sedikit masa untuk menonton video di bawah ini:

Architecture 2B of Mara Ketengah International College (MKIC) will take you to a whole new level of presenting our first movie project, The Social Relations and Aurah (Ikhtilat) in conjunction with the Islamic Awareness Month (IAM2015). Starring only from the best, the arc2B crew members where we portrayed the best acting and at the same time, delivering informatic messages. So what are you waiting for? Experience it yourself! Enjoy! :)

Dah tonton?

Tunggu apa lagi. hadamkan dan amalkan :D

P/s: Sekadar membantu rakan-rakan di MKIC menyampaikan mesej berinformasi melalui video.

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